Teacher dress code

There are lucky people who do not need to think about what to wear at work. Representatives of such professions as fireman, policeman, cook, medical worker, put on a special uniform. The rest, for example, a school teacher, have to choose clothes themselves in accordance with generally accepted requirements.

Classical teacher dress code at school

The teacher not only gives children knowledge in certain areas, but also deals with their moral and aesthetic education. He should not only possess the necessary professional competencies, but also become an example for his students in everything: from the manner of communication, behavior and ending with an impeccable appearance.

What does the code of ethics say about this?

A few years ago, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, together with the Trade Union Committee, developed a Code of Professional Ethics for teaching staff of organizations implementing educational programs. One of its paragraphs states that the appearance of the teacher during the performance of his duties should contribute to the formation of a respectful attitude towards educational institutions and their employees, consistent with the business style: formal, restrained, accurate.

First of all, the clothes of the teacher should:

  • to be neat;
  • age appropriate;
  • Do not distract students from the educational process.

What should absolutely not be in the outfit of a teacher?

You should abandon such clothing styles as:

  • club. A frank demonstration of sexuality with the help of short skirts, low-necked blouses and dresses, too tight dresses in school is unacceptable;
  • beach. Shorts, breeches, T-shirts, slates will also be inappropriate;
  • sports. An exception can only be a physical education teacher;
  • "street". Denim trousers, sweaters are preferable to leave for walking, sightseeing, shopping.

The teacher should not dress in outfits of "poisonous" colors, use bright decor (sequins, massive jewelry). They attract too much attention, destroying the idea of ​​the business nature of training sessions, acting as a powerful external stimulus .

Baggy clothes are also best left in the closet. The look in it will not be presentable at all.

Costume of a young teacher

Generations close in age perceive and understand each other better, they have a similar perception of life, more common interests. Children love young, pretty, active teachers, are drawn to them, often seek to imitate them.

In the wardrobe of a young specialist, classic trousers, blouse-shirts, cardigans and blazers, straight skirts to the knees, office dresses can be present . Preference should be given to calm, better light tones or a harmonious combination of light and dark. Dressing up in gloomy costumes, becoming like older colleagues, is not necessary. You can add a couple of interesting, but discreet details: a light neckerchief, bow, belt.

Teacher dress code 30–45 years old

Fundamentally, it does not change. You can add elongated cardigans and skirts, such as "Year", office business suits, dark dresses with noble shades, including black. The key word at this age is elegance.

What can an old teacher wear?

Age-related changes are most reflected on the skin. Therefore, the older - the more closed the clothes should be . At least a small sleeve is required: open shoulders look ugly . It is better to return to light colors - dark ones add years. Naked calves and ankles also will not add charm to the image (this applies to any age).

Shoes need to be selected appropriate : low-heeled shoes, neat shoes, ankle boots.

For a solemn occasion - a holiday, a prom - you can buy a brighter, but not defiant outfit.

In the teacher, everything should be fine. Proper clothing combined with decent behavior will inspire respect and love among students, increase the effectiveness of training and help to avoid problems in communication between the teacher and students.