Tai Dai Style: Your Own Zest

Oriental style this spring again wins the hearts of fashionistas. Colorful stains and rainbow tai dai prints bring us back to the hippie era. And there is a reason for this. If in the 1970s this was perceived as a protest against the system, today it is a way to express oneself without opening one’s mouth . This is successfully used by representatives of many subcultures, as well as those who want to be at the peak of fashion.

What is Tai Dai Technology?

"Sibori" - so called in Japan this style at the dawn of its appearance. Literally translate "Tai-Dai" can be as "tie-dye." This is a method of manually dyeing fabric using compression and twisting of the fabric. Similar to nodular staining - an even more ancient method, common today in India, Africa, in China. Those born in the USSR also dyed jeans with this method, making fashionable “boiled sweets” in their kitchen.

A thing painted in this way gains exclusivity - after all, nobody will be able to repeat the exact pattern ! And uniqueness and manual work have always been especially appreciated among fashionistas.

Technology available to everyone

If you don’t like the models offered in stores, dye the fabric yourself at home. This lesson will not take much time and will not be costly.

For staining you will need:

  • capacity;
  • paints (for fabric or acrylic);
  • threads for dressing;
  • one tablespoon of salt;
  • water.

Advice! If you want to get a saturated color, use less water in the composition. If the priority is gentle shades, then dilute the paint with water as much as possible.

The process is as follows. The fabric is twisted and tied with thread in one or more places, dipped in a boiling paint solution with water. Then take out, cool, straighten. In places of twisting and bonding, unpainted or paler patches of tissue remain in the form of stripes. These stripes of the original fabric form the basis of the picture .

The main advantage of this technology is that the result cannot be ruined ! In any case, it will turn out to be stylish. If you like it, then you will have a whole collection of clothes of your own design in the style of Tai-Dai!

Tai Dai on fashion catwalks 2019: what couturiers offer

Bright style confidently strides the planet, conquering the catwalks and the most fashionable shows of this year. What is already being offered to fashion connoisseurs?

Models of skirts, dresses and tops with "cooked" interspersed introduced Calvin Klein .

French haute couture house Balmain has offered a tweed jacket with a distinctive print.

Eckhaus Latta and Stella McCartney amazed the audience with denim sets with fashionable stains.

Chanel designers for the new collection reproduced on the canvas using the Tai Dai technique the spring sky with snow-white clouds. A bewitching sight!

Paco Rabbane : Adventure motifs for colorful T-shirts.

Proenza Schouler : A kaleidoscopic print like a dream of America’s favorite travel destinations.

Familiar urban style hoodies can be found in Stussy, Vans and Champion . We advise you to pay attention to these brands.

Other brands did not ignore this topic: Emilio Pucci, Lanvin, Valentino, KENZO .

What to wear with Tai Dai

This style allows you to look fresh and show your mood to others. He can decorate a wide variety of items: clothes, shoes, accessories and even swimwear. We bring to your attention combinations

for any day.

  • The color stains on the sweater are in perfect harmony with the midi skirt of calm tones and canvas ankle boots . Great for spring!
  • A Tai Dai suit, a silk shirt and a baguette bag are a set for bold and daring fashionistas. It's time to get out of the dull winter pajamas and enjoy the bright sun.
  • Boyfriend jeans and a hypnotic t-shirt are what you need for walks on a warm day.
  • Evening out? A cocktail black dress and a handbag with rainbow stripes will help you out, giving the image of romance and a touch of freedom.

  • And if you love shoes with flat soles and are not afraid of flashy flowers, then a maxi-dress in the style of Tai-Dai will become a favorite in the summer collection. Lightness and originality - what you need for a summer vacation!
  • The military skirt and massive jewelry go well with a colorful t-shirt. A “handmade” print on tops and shirts reminds us of the outfit of bronze-skinned surfers.
  • Overseas T-shirts and jackets are back on the catwalks and are offered to us in a new color. They look life-affirming!

  • Cossack boots and denim coats are perfect for any Tai Dai style item. Do not be afraid to experiment.

The eastern trend has returned, responding to protest moods in the air. Today it is at the peak of popularity. This is an excellent occasion to renew your wardrobe and add brightness and a spirit of freedom to it. Choose finished products or become a designer by dyeing your clothes yourself, the result will not disappoint you.