Swissgear backpack: how to distinguish an original from a fake?

Swissgear backpacks are of high quality, reliability and convenience. But unfortunately, there are many fakes of the original brand on the market. It is important to know the basic criteria that will help to recognize quality products. So, what are the differences between a fake and an original?

How to distinguish an original Swissgear backpack from a fake?

For original backpacks, high quality materials are used. The manufacturer is trying to create a product that will reliably serve for a long time . To protect it from adverse environmental conditions, use special impregnation from moisture.

The quality of fakes leaves much to be desired, so it’s easy to distinguish a good model from a bad one. If you have experience, you can determine a fake at a glance.

How to determine fake by appearance:

  • general inaccuracy of the model;
  • curved webbing of various shapes and lengths;
  • low quality material;
  • cheap solid elements made of cheap plastic;
  • uneven seams;
  • sloppy logos.

We pay attention to lines and glue seams

The quality of the seams is important in determining the original backpack . They must be neat and durable. This is the brand’s calling card. The stitches are even and uniform in shape. Fake models have poor quality seams. Threads may stick out at the stitch.

Important! High-quality seams are performed on special equipment. Fake firms have no means to purchase professional installations, so the stitches are crooked and sloppy.

Quality fasteners, buttons, hard parts

The quality of the fasteners of the original products is impeccable. If you try to fasten the zipper, then nothing will jam . A fake item may have problems with easy fastening. Solid parts are made of cheap plastic that breaks quickly.

Back hardness

The fake on the back has an extruded cross . The material itself is glossy, and the ribs are too soft. The original model is convenient and comfortable, so the back is made exactly the opposite.

Features of the original backrest:

  • use of matte fabric;
  • stiff ribs;
  • lack of extruded crosses.

Particular attention is required to attach the handles to the back. In a fake product, the straps are connected at the top at one point. The original backpack provides a small distance between the handles. This is a safer option.

Lettering, logos, labels.

Swissgear backpacks are characterized by a square red badge with a white cross in the middle . In the original, this element is glossy. It is made neatly and glued the entire surface to the product. It is important to evaluate the correct spelling of the logo. Second-rate manufacturers are not literate in this matter.

Important! The original has a Swissgear inscription on the outside pocket. A low-quality product under it still has a signature by Wenger.


Inside the original backpacks there is an additional pocket for a laptop. For reliable fastening here is a clasp. Fake models do not have such a detail, because there is no point in wasting money on this element.

The front pocket should be equipped with a zipper. The logo of the manufacturer's company should also be placed there. The fake does not have these details. Second-rate manufacturers do not think out pockets for phones, special loops so that you can hang glasses.

Material smell

Be sure to pay attention to the smell of the backpack. In a fake it will be caustic, chemical. This is due to the use of low-quality glue and paint. Such a product is not only not original, but also dangerous.