Swimwear that you need to abandon: antitrends-2019

Summer is a great opportunity to unpack not only your summer wardrobe with bright clothes, but also to sort through your beach dresses. This must be done before each season, so as not to be a "black sheep" on vacation. The fact is that some swimsuits have become an anti-trend. Finding it on the beach, you can ruin the impression of a long-awaited vacation.

What models and styles have become old-fashioned

Some swimsuits have been trending for too long, and their use in the new season looks like a bad man. There are a lot of such styles. Be sure to study them before sending to the resort. To always look stylish, you need to have time to buy a new suit for the beach.

Important! In the 2019 season, restraint and naturalness are relevant. A bathing suit designed in laconic colors and shades without the use of any decorative details will be suitable.

Recall what is better not to appear on the beach this season.


For several consecutive seasons, these neoprene swimsuits have been a real trend. All the glamorous young ladies purchased them, adding to the beach wardrobe.

Today, such a beach outfit looks already irrelevant and even old-fashioned . All the more terrible are the replicas of the once super-popular item of women's wardrobe, which many brands tried to repeat. By the way, not many succeeded.

Candid models

This season, multi-string bikinis will be an indicator of terrible bad taste.

Advice! In the summer of 2019, it is important to have a beautiful and concise swimsuit that will cover everything that should be hidden from prying eyes.

Swimsuits with small ruffles

Such a decorative element of a beach suit looks great on children's models . But for an adult wardrobe, such a "decoration" is unacceptable!

Advice! It is better to give preference to large shuttlecocks, which will help correct the flaws of the figure.

Neon patterns

Bright swimwear is no longer fashionable!

Reference! The most natural and concise models that emphasize the dignity of the figure are considered trendy.

To look attractive on the beach and not be old-fashioned, you need to competently approach the choice of a bathing suit.

In the current season, fairly closed models of the most natural colors and prints covering all strategically important places are fashionable .

Important! Pareo, which for many years has been an indispensable attribute of a beach wardrobe, this season is completely useless. Replace your favorite garment with a light cotton dress or sundress.

Prints and details that turn a swimsuit into an anti-trend

Lanyards and a belt - it's unfashionable!

Swimwear, popular a few years ago, with numerous straps or a belt, looks quite impressive. But still they are the antitrend of the summer 2019 season .

The point is not only that on an imperfect figure such a swimming outfit will not look the best, but also that all these straps and ribbons will not allow the tan to lie evenly and beautifully .

Small flowers and geometry do not fit

Swimwear with a small floral or geometric print make the eyes of others tighten. From them literally ripples in the eyes.

Such models are also not relevant this season.

Important! You can replace them with shiny models that are considered trendy this season.

Naturalness is in fashion today - true fashionistas should keep this in mind when going on vacation. It is important to choose the most comfortable and attractive swimsuit, which will not be burdened with a huge number of decorative elements. In addition, the swimsuit should be quite closed, extremely open and openly sexual images on the beach are no longer in trend.