Swimwear 2019: which swimsuit to choose

On the eve of summer holidays, the beautiful half of humanity is beginning to actively prepare for it. Preparation consists not only in bringing the figure back to normal, but also in the difficult choice of a swimsuit. Each woman wants to look stylish and attractive, and also seeks to acquire such an outfit in order to feel admiring glances on herself. Changeable fashion every year dictates new requirements for a beach outfit. Let's get acquainted with the trends of the 2019 season.

Fashion trends beach suit

  • The motto of the upcoming beach season was the phrase "Conciseness and minimalism in everything . " The design of the beach ensemble is also affected.
  • It should be noted the most fashionable colors : ultraviolet, red, blue, beige and, of course, white and black. Especially if these shades are complemented by a golden and silver sheen.


Each style has its own characteristic features.

Open swimsuits do not cease to please their fans with an exquisite performance of both the upper part and panties.

The top varies in cut: closed, without shoulder straps, with shoulder straps on one shoulder, strip, with fringe, laced, with flirty tassels.

Panties also will not leave fashionistas indifferent. This season, they can be overpriced, with beautiful cuts, with fringe or tassels, with artificial cuts.

Reference! An unusual cut looks especially expressive in combination with bright colors, an original print, strip, large flowers, etc.


The closed version of the swimsuit is gaining more and more popularity. These models are beautifully decorated with various frills, mesh inserts, ruffles, laces.

This type of bathing suit not only allows you to hide the flaws of the figure, but also emphasizes the strengths of your image. Particularly impressive look models with one shoulder strap or with no shoulder straps at all.

And, of course, one cannot fail to note the “semi-solid” sets that have deep cutouts on the sides. The top and bottom of such a swimsuit are connected by decorative elements.

Fashionable proposals of designers do not cease to amaze the imagination and transform women's bodies.

They acquire the most seductive and provocative appearance, being made of dark fabric.

Fashion accessories as part of a beach outfit

But to give attractiveness and completeness to the image of one bathing suit is not enough. After all, the integrity and beauty of the appearance often depend on parts and accessories.


One of the main beach accessories is a pareo, a rectangular piece of fabric, which, depending on the circumstances, can serve as a dress, skirt or cape.

It should complement the swimsuit and be with him the same style or harmonize in color and pattern.


The beach tunic is sewn in the form of a thin translucent dress or a spacious robe.

Also, knitted tunics practically do not go out of fashion.


In this quality, a bright, stylish scarf can be used.

For each age, there are different variations of wearing this stylish item.

In addition to a scarf, you can use a wicker hat from straws.

Reference! Unusual decor of ribbons, silk cuts, artificial flowers gives a special chic and elegance to such a headdress.

But the most important thing when choosing a dress for the beach is its correspondence to the figure of the hostess and the creation of a beautiful image.