Swan Down Pillows: Pros and Cons

Good sleep and good rest have a positive effect on health. Many are accustomed to carefully choosing a mattress, which cannot be said about the pillow. And it is an important part for quality sleep. One of the fillers is swan fluff. It is worth understanding what is the secret of the popularity of such pillows.

Secrets of Swan Fluff Production

There are two options for such a filler: natural and artificial. The first is collected by hands from the abdomen or chest of adult swans. This happens during the molting season, and only about 40 grams of fluff is removed from one individual, so the feather also falls into the pillow, along with the fluff.

Reference! A product with natural swan down is expensive. Therefore, wanting to please yourself with such a purchase, get ready to pay a considerable amount.

To preserve nature and reduce the cost of goods, and therefore increase its availability, there is artificial fluff. All its indicators are similar to natural . And if there is no difference, why pay more? Artificial fluff perfectly retains its shape, does not absorb unpleasant odors, easy to clean.

In the manufacture of polyester fibers in the form of balls of small diameter are exposed to high temperatures. This allows you to stretch many thin threads, each of them is coated with silicone and twisted into a spiral. The filler becomes durable and elastic.


Swan fluff pillows are popular due to their advantages:

  • The product perfectly restores shape. After sleep, it will return to its original state.
  • After washing, no lumps appear. The problem with many fillers is precisely this. With swan fluff, such problems will not arise.
  • It does not absorb odors and does not have its own. The aroma of the pillow is neutral and will not become an annoying factor.
  • The filler remains within the pillowcase, does not crawl out. Do not worry that you wake up in pieces of fluff or in it will be the whole berth.
  • The product is light. This applies not only to natural raw materials, but also to its artificial counterpart.
  • Machine washable. Just select the delicate mode.
  • The material is hypoallergenic; it does not become a "home" for fungi and bacteria.
  • High softness. Sleeping on such a pillow is pleasant and comfortable.
  • If we talk about a product made of artificial fluff, then its cost is quite affordable.
  • Material is safe for children. You can use such pillows for cots.
  • No special complicated care required. Caring for the material is very simple.
  • Long service life. You can attribute the purchase of pillows from swan fluff a profitable investment. It will be pleasing to its owner for many years.


Such a product also has disadvantages, but there are much fewer than advantages:

  1. Low hygroscopicity. This means that the pillow is not suitable for people with excessive sweating.
  2. The accumulation of static electricity, which negatively affects the condition of the hair. The antistatic allows you to solve the situation. Just treat them with a piece of cloth.
  3. The softness of the pillow, in which there is no proper fixation of the neck, can lead to slight discomfort.
  4. Do not use for those who have problems with the cervical spine. For such cases, there are special pillows. Swan fluff products can only aggravate pain.

The listed disadvantages are not critical. Many of them can be eliminated without denying yourself a purchase.

Care Tips

Caring for such products is easy. It is recommended that they be regularly ventilated on a balcony or street. For washing, select the delicate mode . The temperature should be no more than 40 degrees.

Important! It is forbidden to use any detergents that contain chlorine, including bleaches, for washing.

Dry the product in a natural way in the fresh air . Pooh does not like direct sources of fire. Be sure to shake the pillow after washing. This will prevent the formation of wet clots.

The popularity of swan fluff filler is due to its many advantages and easy care. The material is safe, light and soft, airy. This is enough for a healthy and comfortable sleep.