Sundresses styles

Sundress is one of the most ancient items of women's wardrobe. Once it was the main clothes that all women, without exception, wore over their lower shirts. Today, a sundress is a stylish thing, which must be present in the arsenal of every fashionista. It is noteworthy that the designers came up with various options for this element of the wardrobe, creating both summer models, light and bright, and the winter version from dense fabrics. All of them differ in style, cut and emphasize attractive curves of the female body.

Popular styles sundresses for women

The sundress has a number of features and undeniable advantages over other elements of women's clothing. One of the main advantages is versatility, such a thing is suitable for almost any female figure . An advantage is also a huge selection of models that can emphasize the beauty of the silhouette.

Important! Open dresses differ not only in cut, length and style, but also in season of use. Distinguish between summer and winter sundresses.

Today, the following styles are considered the most popular.

Straight cut

The most popular today are denim products .

They look great and are well suited for any type of figure. They can be worn with athletic shoes or feminine heeled sandals. In boutiques, you can also find short models and elongated sundresses on the floor.


Women with a thin waist often prefer just such a cut, especially of short length. They emphasize the bends of the figure.

With asymmetric skirt

A short skirt in front and elongated almost to the floor from the back allows you to visually stretch the figure and visually increase the girl's height . This is a very attractive feature for short girls.


A trendy item of the last few fashionable seasons . It goes well with sports shoes and backpacks. May emphasize femininity, especially with heels and stylish accessories.

Lush sundress

A great solution for young girls who have problems with the waist or hips . A fluffy skirt perfectly hides all the flaws of the figure.


Perfectly emphasize the delicate arms, waist and shoulders. It hides a problem stomach and too lush hips.

Each girl will be able to choose a product to her taste, figure and wallet. Modern designers have created a huge number of options for every day and for a special occasion. For ladies, they offer lightweight summer models with flying skirts that evoke a romantic mood. And also sundresses of classic strict shades and styles have huge popularity among women working in a company with a strict dress code.

Fashionable models of women's sundresses

For cool weather

A-line sundresses with high waist just below the knee are very popular for working in the office. A narrow skirt and thin straps create a beautiful, feminine image. The girl will always look attractive and at the same time does not violate the firm's dress code.

Important! Sundresses from dense fabrics as a winter version of the outfit must be combined with clothes with long sleeves. This is an undeniable rule that must be followed when compiling a daily image.

Such models successfully hide small flaws in the figure and are perfect for daily looks. They can be combined with sports shoes, boots, boots, high heels and simple sneakers. The main thing is to fully preserve the idea of ​​the image and choose the right accessories correctly.

Summer sundresses

As a summer option, women often choose long dresses to the floor from light, flying materials . The dress of the Greek goddess perfectly emphasizes the elegant lines of the female body, attracting the attention of others. Admiration in the eyes of the stronger sex is difficult not to notice.

Products made of chiffon are especially popular . Women of all ages for this hot summer choose this material in order to decorate their body with a beautiful sundress. Chiffon perfectly fits the feminine figure, hides small flaws and emphasizes virtues. Chiffon products are available in short mini and elongated floor models. The flying skirt gives the image some playfulness and enthusiasm.

How to choose your own model in adulthood

For women of mature age, experts advise to follow certain rules when choosing a sundress.

  • Refusal of youth brands . Many well-known brands of clothing, boutiques of which are located in large shopping centers, suggest the purchase of exclusively young fashionistas.
  • Preference for natural fabric . The sundress should be sewn with a dense canvas of natural materials.
  • Reliable cutting quality . A sundress sewn from a dressmaker or bought in a fashion boutique will differ from general goods presented in chain clothing stores.
  • No to open models. Too explicit outfits will look vulgar.

Otherwise, for a woman of a mature age, fashion designers open up full freedom of choice. In most cases, ladies still choose medium-length models of dense fabric, fitted or A-silhouette.