Sundress for girls knitting

If you have a daughter in your family, then this means that her wardrobe should be diverse in outfits. Of course, you can buy a dress, a skirt, but to tie a sundress with your own hands is original and at the same time exclusive. In this article we will step by step consider the process of knitting a sundress for a girl on knitting needles.

How to knit a sundress for a girl with knitting needles

To start knitting a children's sundress, you need to prepare yarn, knitting needles and choose the right model. The type and quantity of yarn depends on the model of the dress, as well as which needles to take and in what quantity.

Sundresses are: summer, warm, smart and for everyday wear.

Important! For openwork, the yarn will be spent less than for a dense pattern.

For a summer sarafan, yarn, which includes cotton, linen and viscose, is perfect. And for a knitted warm product with knitting needles, choose blended yarn.

Attention! A knit product made from 100% wool will not hold its shape well.

We offer to consider various models of knitted sarafans for girls with knitting needles: with braids, openwork, with pockets and much more.

Need measurements

In order to start the knitting process, it is necessary to take measurements. The size of clothes depends on the height of the child, so you can use the table with sizes, which is easy to find in the corresponding section of our website.

Using a centimeter tape, you need to measure the fashionista and record the following measurements:

  • chest girth;
  • waist circumference
  • hip girth;
  • length of the product.

Knitted sundress for a girl with knitting needles: we select the scheme

Any model of knitted attire has its own pattern, which is performed according to the provided scheme. Your task is to choose your favorite dress and get to work. But to make the product beautiful and comfortable, remember that:

  • the choice of yarn depends on the model of clothing;
  • the size of the needles and the density of the knitting must be observed;
  • in the description of the scheme abbreviations are used such as p. - loop, p. - row, l n. - front loop, and. p. - purl loop.

Schemes and description of knitting different patterns

If summer models of knitted sundresses are light original clothes of every little princess, then the winter version looks harmoniously with blouses, turtlenecks and blouses.

Warm dress for girls knitting

Let us consider in stages the process of knitting a warm sundress for a 3-month-old girl with knitting needles. To do this, you will need:

  • The yarn of the color you have chosen weighs 50 grams and counts from 2 to 4 skeins, depending on size.
  • Knitting needles 3 mm, 3.5 mm and 4 mm.
  • Wooden buttons for decoration.

This model is suitable for ages from 3 months to 2 years. First you need to take measurements of chest circumference and length of the product.

The knitting density will be 24 loops in 31 rows, which is equivalent to the size of 10 cm by 10 cm.

  1. The back and front knit the same way, so we take 3 mm knitting needles, we pick 87 loops and we knit 2 cm with a small pearl pattern. To do this, alternately in the entire row we perform either the wrong loop or the front loop, and after each row the pattern should shift by one loop.
  2. Next, we switch to 3.5 mm knitting needles and begin to knit a stitch, that is, the front loops should be in the front row, and the wrong ones in the wrong row.
  3. When 21.5 cm of the product is already ready, we begin to reduce the loops from the set of edges: 8 loops of the front, 3 loops to knit together the faces, 1 front, repeat from * 17 times, knit 3 loops together with the faces. Then 8–11 facial stitches, * knit 3 stitches together with l., 1 facial, repeat from * 17 times, knit 3 stitches together with l., 11 l. / 9 l., * Knit 3 stitches together with l., 1 l., repeat from * 20 times, knit 3 p. together l., 9 l. / 11 l., * knit 3 p. together l., 1 l., repeat from * 21 times, knit 3 p. together l ., 11 l. On the last 51 loops, make one reverse side with the wrong loops.
  4. Take 3 mm knitting needles and knit with a small pearl pattern. After 23 cm from the edge of the set of threads, close 4 loops for the armholes on both sides, then reduce with special reductions (2 loops at a distance of 3 loops from the edge: 1 front, 1 wrong side, 1 front, make 3 loops together., Knit a row according to the picture . When 6 sts remain on the left knitting needle, knit 3 sts together., 1 l., 1 and., 1 l.) At a distance of 3 loops from the edge in each 4th row, close two loops once and in each 6th row two loops three times. In each 4th row, close two loops twice and in each 6th row. close two loops three times, in each 6th row 2 loops 5 times, in each 4th p. 2 loops once and in each 6th r. 2 loops 5 times.
  5. In the remaining 27 p. Tie 4 p. and close the loops, knitting them face on the wrong side of the work.
  6. To tie the straps we need 3 mm knitting needles, we collect 5 loops and knit a small pearl pattern. In the 13th row, we leave a hole for the button: 1 l., Knit 2 loops together l., 1 cape, 1 and., 1 l. After 16 cm from the set edge, close all loops. Link two details.

When all the details are ready, you need to make side seams and sew straps to the back. Next, we decorate with accessories, on the straps and the front we sew on one button.

We knit a sundress with pockets

If you decide to tie a sundress with pockets, consider how to tie pockets and attach them to the product.

For the manufacture of pockets, we need 3.5 mm needles. We collect 19 loops and knit facial stitch. On both sides, in each second row, add 1 loop (5 times) for the formation of bevels. After 7 cm from the set edge, make an elastic band 2 cm high, then close the loops. It is necessary to make two such parts.

When our sundress and pockets are prepared, we proceed to the assembly . On the lateral edges and the bottom of the pocket, we collect 70 loops and we make 2 rows with garter stitch.

Sew pockets to the shelf at such a height from the bottom and at such a distance from the side seam that they are not close to each other and the bottom of the dress.

Tips on how to knit a children's sundress

For ease of process, follow the advice of experienced needlewomen.

  • For summer sundresses, it is better to choose thin threads, and for winter models, woolen threads are more suitable.
  • Before you start work, stock up on the right amount of yarn or wash, since when washing it tends to sit down.
  • To avoid knitting a woolen product too coarse, do not choose thin knitting needles. To avoid looseness, do not take thick knitting needles with thin threads.
  • If you are new to this type of needlework, then choose simple patterns with light patterns.
  • While wearing, the knitted product has the ability to stretch in the neck area, to avoid this, crochet it.
  • Knit clothes not up close, but for growth.
  • To make the product look neat, make the gum one size smaller than the size of the dress itself.
  • To get a beautiful hem at the bottom of the product, you need to knit the front row with the purl stitches, and then 5 cm of the product with the front stitches.

Now you can please yourself with needlework, and the child with a beautiful new sundress.