Summer skirts 2019: fashion trends

The skirt is able to complement different styles and images. This wardrobe item will always be in trend, because it can make a bow more feminine and elegant. The main thing is to choose the right style, material and decor in accordance with fashion trends.

Fashion trends in summer 2019

In 2019, the trend is a pencil skirt. The most popular are woolen and tweed options. Often, designers presented models of mixed fabrics. A copy with soft texture in pleasant colors and with a simple design takes the first positions in the fashion rating.

A variety of stylish spring-summer styles will delight you. Usually these are simple and familiar cuts, but there are also intricate skirts. Asymmetrical silhouette, several tiers and cascades - this is the current option in 2019.

Important! In 2019, tops are slit skirts. They can be placed in different places and in different numbers.

What fabrics are in trend?

Designers love to experiment. Often on fashion catwalks you can see the use of materials for other purposes. It looks bold and catchy. But most fashion designers adhere to traditional views on sewing skirts.

Fashionable fabrics in 2019:

  • translucent options - perfectly draped and complement delicate images;
  • leather has been in fashion for several seasons, such models can be worn for any occasion;
  • chiffon is an easy summer option that will be a real salvation in hot weather;
  • knitwear is suitable for business styles, perfectly emphasizes the dignity of the figure;
  • lace is often used to decorate products;
  • denim - a popular fabric is not the first season, it is a practical option for daily wear;
  • velvet - aristocratic material that always looks elegant and elegant;
  • suede - suitable for cold seasons;
  • wool is an unusual winter option;
  • tweed is a practical and convenient material that is great for everyday use;
  • satin - shiny fabric capable of making any image festive;
  • metallized "space" is a fashion trend that looks unusual and even hypnotic.

In 2019, bright and saturated shades are in fashion. Classic colors remain in the trend. Of the prints, designers use large flowers, a cage, a goose foot, polka dots, flora and fauna .

Important! In 2019, ethnic motifs and abstract images remain popular.

Stylish decoration

In 2019, popular simple models with a minimal amount of decor. But some elements can be safely used in the design of skirts. These details are able to add a twist to the holistic image.

Popular decor:

  • fringe - a fluffy border around the edge of the skirt, an indispensable element in the style of boho;
  • zippers that run along the entire skirt look spectacularly on the length of the mini;
  • drapery - folding of fabric with the formation of folds;
  • gathered seams emphasize a gentle romantic image;
  • bows are usually used large and placed on the belt;
  • belts - always fashionable decor emphasizing the waist;
  • braid can be lace or ethnic style;
  • buttons that occupy a vertical line along the entire length of the product;
  • sequins are placed over the entire surface of the skirt.

What styles of skirts are in fashion in the summer of 2019?

In 2019, there are no restrictions regarding the choice of style. You can choose any skirt that favorably emphasizes individuality . Among the fashionable variety of cuts, everyone will be able to choose the option suitable for themselves that will favorably emphasize the figure.

Fashionable styles:

  1. with decor on the hips. The presence of folds, buttons, cuts, zippers will help visually stretch the silhouette;
  2. skirts with shorts below midi, with slits or high rise;
  3. medium-length pencil skirt and stylish design (with embroidery, drapery, guipure);
  4. lush models with several tiers look defiant and suitable for eccentric personalities;
  5. pleated version with a length below the knee;
  6. A-silhouette is a universal wardrobe element that is suitable for women of any age and with any type of figure;
  7. transparent bright model over shorts or tight pants;
  8. a plaid skirt - a warm woolen version for the winter;
  9. the presence of cuts in front or side (it is permissible to use several cuts in one product at once);
  10. asymmetrical silhouette (it can be a model with a train);
  11. wrap skirt - may be long or short.