Summer fashion for women over 50

Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity wants at any age to look stylish and elegant. In youth, doing this is easy, but it's not about age! And after 50 you can look fashionable and elegant. The main thing is to choose the right wardrobe and skillfully make profitable combinations. We will tell you what will help women look attractive in the summer of 2019.

Fashion trends of summer 2019 in the wardrobe of a mature woman

In order to remain stylish and attractive at this age, when choosing things for a summer wardrobe, you should focus on the following characteristics.

Criterias of choice:

  • restraint and conciseness;
  • the presence of elements of aristocracy;
  • correspondence of style to a figure;
  • rejection of excessive decoration or its minimal use;
  • the appropriateness of the outfit for the situation and the environment.

Attention! Another important criterion is the quality of the products. It’s better to buy one good item than a few low quality items.

Now we will consider separately the elements of the basic wardrobe.


One of the main things, of course, is the dress. In this summer season for women over 50, designers recommend the following styles.

Classic Sheath Dress

This model is suitable for any type of figure . With her severity, she will emphasize the dignity of age, give solidity and give self-confidence.

Moreover, the dress will be appropriate both in the office space and in an informal setting.

Important! The main rule: the length of the dress should be slightly above the knee.

Dress-shirt or dress-gown

Plain fabrics are recommended. It is preferable to choose discreet colors.

Boho style

Fashionable dresses for everyday use in different situations. To relax on the coast, you can buy a dress in the floor of light fabric.

Attention! When choosing jewelry, avoid rhinestones, screaming, catchy stones. It is best to use a short string of pearl beads.

What pants to wear in summer for a mature woman

Straight cut

When choosing trousers, designers are advised to opt for a straight cut .

Straight pants made of light material (silk, cotton, linen) of a muted shade create the image of a self-confident person, full of dignity. This style is easy to combine with various variations of the top.


Jeans are also better to choose a straight silhouette and natural color.

The actual detail in both traditional and shortened models will be tucked-in pants .

Reference! For summer trousers this season, the favorites are pistachio, beige, mint and whitened colors.

Fashion skirts


On fashionable Olympus, a pencil skirt is a permanent favorite for this age. It can be both monophonic and multi-colored. The monochrome strip looks very stylish .

Wedges, flared, pleated

The skirt with wedges made of light fabric in several layers also looks elegant.


Do not abandon the traditional straight skirt, especially if it is bright.

For the top

To complement outfits with a skirt or trousers, the wardrobe must necessarily have several options for the top. Women over 50 are best suited for such models.

  • Casual shirts . They can be worn either separately or in combination with a white top.

  • Variegated blouses that are worn out, complementing the strap.

  • Elongated tops with an asymmetrical bottom line made of chiffon or other similar fabric.

  • For a walk, rest or shopping, it is quite possible to wear a plain t - shirt .

What should not be included in a woman’s summer wardrobe after 50

Ladies should be avoided at this age.

  • low waist;
  • use of clothes one size smaller;
  • lengths "mini";
  • clothes that expose the body at the waist;
  • deep neckline.
  • a large number of decor and frills;
  • T-shirts with a deep armhole;
  • tights, stockings and leggings in bright colors or with print.

This list can be expanded in accordance with the features of the figure, its advantages and disadvantages. And do not forget that in the first place you should like clothes and not cause discomfort. Be bright and attractive, a woman after 50 deserves it!