Summer dresses for women with curvaceous

No matter how you look at the photos in fashion magazines - everywhere slim and long-legged! But in life everything is different. And what about the "dumplings"? It is not easy for them to pick up clothes. But this does not mean that you will not be able to look stylish, elegant and attractive! You just need to choose the right model. How to find a summer dress for a lady with uniforms, we will tell.

What dress to choose a magnificent woman

Choosing a dress with a full figure is not only a responsible matter, but also a very delicate one. Indeed, the usual stereotype that an overweight woman is unattractive often “blocks” a lady when buying clothes. To prevent this from happening, consider the various options together.

Let's start by specifying which outfit is required. After all, the situation affects the choice of clothing.

On every day

A fluffy lady should pay attention to dresses of medium length or very long ones . It is important that the dress does not tighten the shoulders, fits well on the chest and hips.

Advice! You should not choose products that are too loose cut. They will give the owner an immense look and visually add kilograms.

The dress can be a little flared shape, made of thick fabric, with a small pattern or plain.

What to put off

  • Avoid products above the knee.
  • Too fluffy skirts are not suitable, as they make the figure more massive.
  • A multi-layer model for women with forms is contraindicated, as it adds completeness.

To the office

For work, you should choose outfits of strict lines . Too open dresses or too bright colors are inappropriate. It is best to look at the restrained tones, complementing them with decorations.

The full figure must be covered with a flowing fabric, which will create the effect of harmony. These fabrics include artificial silk, polyester, viscose .

Well suited for office tight knitwear . It will create a fit effect and remove excess looseness. But at the same time, do not forget that you need to select the material with the addition of an elastic thread so that the fabric does not lose shape.

Advice! For ladies with a more massive upper, it is ideal to wear a loose jacket over the dress just below the waist. It will visually make the figure less massive.

For the celebration

Solemn dress involves the presence of bright elements in the decoration or unusual fabric. But with a figure that has extra pounds, you should very carefully choose the evening option for clothes .

Advice! Shiny fabrics should be avoided, as they give a visual increase and add splendor.

Care must be taken to cut dresses . If the legs are not too slender, a provocative cut will only enhance the effect and create an absurd appearance.

Cut and details

  • A definite plus of overweight women is the presence of a large breast. It can be effectively imagined with a beautiful neckline . But at the same time, it is recommended to hide the fullness of the arms and shoulders under a shawl-cloak, bolero or jacket.

  • It is best to choose plain dresses. Also suitable with decorative elements on the chest or on the bottom of the skirt .

  • If the lady has a noticeable belly, then do not draw attention to the waistline . No need to wear shiny belts or purchase a dress with decorative details at the waist.

  • A distracting element from lush forms can be earrings, beads, a cape .

What color and print is suitable for “donuts”

After choosing a suitable model, carefully look at the colors of the fabric.

Important! Full women should avoid contrast in clothes (light top - dark bottom). Visually, such a combination is suitable only for slender ones, and adds imbalances to the figure completely. It is better if the dress is plain or with a small pattern.


  • Do not get too carried away in bright colors . But this does not mean that they should be abandoned!
  • Lush women are advised to pay attention to blue, green, black tones .
  • Red is the color of bright personalities! Only a lady with more self-confidence than fullness can choose him.

  • But pink is best used only as small pieces of clothing.


  • Of the patterns on the fabric , large ornaments and stripes (horizontal.) Should be avoided . Do not get carried away with too colorful fabrics.
  • It is best to select fabrics in a small flower or peas, they visually make the figure more attractive and well hide flaws. Moreover, the floral print, like peas, is one of the most fashionable this season.

How to take into account the features of the figure

The style of the dress for full ladies depends on the type of their figure.

  • For the figure "pear" is to choose a dress with a slightly flared skirt that hides the hips.
  • If the physique is proportional, then it is better to look at direct outfits, but with a well-defined shoulder and collar line. Visually, they will reduce the non-standard figure.
  • No matter how you want to be exposed in the summer, overweight women need to do this with caution. If the length of the summer dress can be allowed a little shorter than usual, then you need to open your back and arms carefully. Ladies at the age of full arms and shoulders certainly need to cover with a small sleeve .
  • It is not recommended to choose tight-fitting things for the summer . Even if this dress is made of thin fabric, the style should be slightly flared or slightly loose.

If you need to choose a summer vacation item, we recommend that you look at tunics or sundresses in the style of boho. Lightweight fabrics will make it possible to look stylish even for a lady with very curvaceous shapes.

Dresses look beautiful in combination with accessories, so do not forget about good, comfortable shoes, jewelry, sunglasses.