Summer dresses 2019: fashion trends

The inexhaustible imagination of designers and in the coming season has shown itself to the fullest. And although it seems that everything has already been "invented before them, " new fashion shows do not cease to amaze with originality.

In the summer season of 2019, amazing freedom in choosing images is expected: length, trim, cut, fabrics - all this creates opportunities for combination and will allow fashionistas to look attractive even in the strong summer heat.

Fashion trends of summer dresses 2019

The couturier again focused on dresses - the most feminine clothes you can imagine. Sheath dresses and shirt dresses, flying skirts made of light natural fabrics, lace, ruffles and ruffles, asymmetrical cut of skirts and bodice are still in trend .

The main colors of next summer:

  • blue;
  • emerald;
  • ultramarine;
  • chocolate;
  • red;
  • yellow.

Important! A combination of noble pink with gold will give a special chic to the summer look. By the way, makeup in such colors is also in trend.

Experts advise complementing the ensemble with dark glasses and, where appropriate, hats.

What styles are relevant?

  1. A sheath dress that emphasizes the figure always looks fashionable and strict. From light plain fabric, for example, blue, peach or pale purple for the office, it is simply irreplaceable.
  2. Long or long midi models with unusual sleeves are also on the list of fashionable images. Traditional prints give them a special charm: floral, peas or stripes.
  3. An outfit with open shoulders is another trend of the season. Moreover, both shoulders and one can be open.
  4. Dresses with a smell will also be relevant this summer, and the cut can be of the type of a dressing gown, with a smell along the entire length, or only on one part - a bodice or a skirt.
  5. Girls are offered a retro style with a tight bodice and a full skirt of mini or midi length. Stylishly, such models look in monochrome, but a small pattern, for example, polka dots or flowers, is also acceptable on fabrics for such an outfit .
  6. A-line and dress-shirt are still in trend.

Asymmetric and ethnic style

Asymmetric cut in clothes has been present in fashion shows for several years. In addition to the open shoulder, which was mentioned above, asymmetric skirts are very original and immediately focus on slender female legs . Such styles are usually decorated with ruffles and ruffles. Complementing the outfit with sandals or summer shoes with wedges or heels, the lady will look her best.

If in this model the ruffles are replaced with fashionable fringe this season, then we get a costume in ethnic style. In this case, special attention should be paid to accessories to give the image completeness.

Important! This season, at the peak of popularity, there will be a white dress of any style - every woman must have it in her wardrobe.

Bare shoulders

Summer is a hot season, and open shoulders at this time are not a luxury, but often a necessity. Complemented by a wide frill neckline, this dress looks very feminine. The length of the skirt can be any, and if you wear a wide-brimmed hat and glasses, you can add some mystery to the image.

With ruffles and original sleeves

The presence of frills and frills on the dress does not mean at all that it can be worn only at a festive event or party. Such an outfit would be quite appropriate in the office. The model can be either sleeveless or with sleeves of various lengths. The dress can be given a certain pomp with a long sleeve covering almost the entire wrist - this is an option just for celebration.

With shiny elements

In the summer season of 2019, sequin clothes will be in fashion. Both in the linen style and in the classic models, such brilliant decorations will be appropriate. Sparkling outfits in the sun will surely attract admiring glances.

With fringe and sheer inserts

Fringe is one of the main trends of the coming summer. Looks great in ethnic style, and on the weekend dress, and on shoes and accessories. Being in fashion is not the first season, fringe continues to awaken the imagination of fashion designers and to win the hearts of fashionistas.

Transparent fabrics have always attracted designers and inspired to create romantic images. In the past season, transparent dresses were fashionable, under which a thicker sheath dress was worn, much shorter than the top. This summer left the original find of stylists in a trend.

Transparent inserts or the whole details of the ladies' outfit unwittingly attract attention and allow the woman to feel interesting and fashionable.

Dress shirt

The already mentioned shirt dresses are so versatile that the designers developed models for both everyday wear and evening wear. Surprisingly, such a maxi outfit made of noble silk in addition to fashion accessories and high-heeled sandals looks very stylish . A midi option in combination with sneakers or light summer sneakers will be appropriate for a walk or shopping.

Large prints

Dresses with large prints, especially floral ones, look very impressive. A flower bed dress with a fluffy multi-layered skirt, on which various life-size flowers "bloom", will have an effect at any party.

However, models with large prints have one secret: when trying on such an outfit, you should pay attention to the place where the drawing is located, since it can emphasize the line of the figure that it would be nice to hide . If the dress is perfect, the attention of others is provided.

In such a variety of fashion trends, every woman will surely choose for herself that wardrobe in which she will always look fashionable and feel confident.