Stylish tricks of environmentalists - synthetic sable

Although people have not lived in the Stone Age for a long time, they still kill animals in order to sew clothes from their fur and skins. The fashion for using natural fur as a material for sewing fur coats, vests, hats and other things eventually led to the fact that some animals, especially beautiful and in demand in the bloody craft, such as sable, were on the verge of extinction. That is why today the trend is not natural skins, but their high-quality analogues - synthetic eco-fur.

Features of faux sable fur

Like any other material, synthetic sable fur has positive and negative qualities. The advantages include:

  • the fact that in the process of creating a fur coat not a single living creature suffers;
  • low price for synthetic products in comparison with natural materials;
  • ease of care and the ability to wash clothes in an ordinary machine;
  • the fact that a real moth does not eat artificial sable;
  • light weight of the finished product.

Among the indisputable shortcomings are:

  • great heat conductivity and breathability, in other words, it can be cold in such a fur coat;
  • products from eco-fur retain a presentable appearance much less;
  • faux fur is very electrified and attracts dust and small debris.

Rules for choosing synthetic fur

For those who are accustomed to wearing outer clothing made from natural sable and other fur-bearing animals, it will not be easy at the first time to readjust to synthetics. It’s worth remembering that it’s worth it and the less natural fur is bought, the less animals are killed for its production. The following tips will help in choosing a new fur coat from synthetic sable:

  1. It is necessary to determine the style in advance. Despite the fact that in 2019, at the peak of popularity, voluminous oversized models for many women do not fit them. For those who, in most cases, move on their own cars, shortened models are suitable. For girls who can freeze on the street, longer and warmer styles of fur coats are better.
  2. You need to consider how often the product will be worn. If a warm and comfortable coat is already present in the wardrobe, the new product may be slightly unsuitable for harsh winters, but insanely beautiful. If you replace outerwear there is nothing more to choose; you need the most wear-resistant and practical models.
  3. Choose a fur that is suitable for the type of figure. That sable is considered universal, suitable for any girl fur. It is not as voluminous as a polar fox and not as smooth as a mink.

What to wear with an eco-coat

Sable fur is primarily a classic and restrained model of outerwear. For those who want something modern and more youthful, it is not worth it to stare at the sable, even if it’s not artificial. The basic rules for socks depend on the length and color of the product:

  • for young and active girls, shortened models with 3/4 sleeves with a stand-up collar or a shallow hood are suitable;
  • ladies in age and body should opt for products from eco-fur under a sable of medium length of a classic “A” silhouette;
  • “bat” models look interesting and unusual, but they are suitable only for tall and slender girls.

Important! The main rule of wearing fur coats is that underwear should not peek out from under the fur.

Shoes under a fur coat made of faux fur are easy to pick up. Classic models can be complemented with a hairpin and neat flat shoes. However, for those who are not afraid to experiment to taste, more bold combinations may come up.