Styles of winter skirts

In winter, many girls want to look fashionable and feminine. For them to go all winter in warm trousers or jeans is not an option. The big mistake is that in the cold season it is strictly forbidden to wear skirts . They can be worn and even necessary. A huge assortment of styles of warm skirts is now presented in stores, so every woman will choose for herself a model of a suitable style, material and style.

What styles of warm skirts exist?

From the whole variety of models of winter skirts, you need to choose the one that best suits your type of figure, lifestyle and lifestyle . Consider the most popular of the possible styles.

Long wide

This option in recent years has won the hearts of many fashionistas. Due to its length and warm material, it is a complete replacement for trousers or jeans: the cold wind does not blow, the legs are covered. When buying or sewing a model on the floor, pay attention to the length : it should not touch the ground, otherwise dirt and a hem wet from snow cannot be avoided.

A long skirt is sewn of dense fabric such as wool, cashmere or tweed, suit fabric. Due to its composition, the product is quite heavy, but due to the width, beautiful folds or shuttlecocks are created.

Among the popular colors of floor skirts for winter, it is perfect:

  • large or small cell;
  • characteristic tweed pattern;
  • plain brown, gray, beige, black material.

Trapeze below the knees

The a-line skirt has a slight extension downward, so it is ideal for slightly full ladies. She removes a few extra pounds in the hips and balances the figure .

A trapezoid looks interesting if stitched:

  • from costume dense fabric. In this model, you can go to work;
  • from denim or velveteen - well suited for casual style.


A model for all time. This is the option that can be worn in a feast, and in the world. Choose any fabric you like:

  • costume with the addition of wool or cotton;
  • knitted;
  • knitted;
  • leather or suede.

A straight skirt is a godsend for fat women. She will hide all the flaws of the figure. In this case, preference should be given to dark shades.


A pencil is one of the varieties of a straight skirt, however, it fits the figure more strongly and often even tapers down.

Depending on the choice of fabric, it can be worn as everyday (a knitted model with an elastic band is very convenient), for office work (for example, plain black or gray), and also worn for events and celebrations (in this case, the skirt can be a bright shade, leather, lace, with braid on the bottom or sequins).


A flared skirt in a cut sun, a half sun or other styles remains at the peak of popularity from season to season. It is absolutely universal, suitable for both girls and mature women. Recently, a flared model sewn from quilted warm fabric such as Bologna or thick tweed has been in fashion. The best length is to the knee or midi.

Eight Blade

A skirt sewn of eight wedges stretches the figure well and adds a couple of cm in height to the woman . The monophonic eight-blade from costume fabric, although it looks modest, but looks elegant, so it is suitable for a holiday, date or a trip to a restaurant. At the bottom, the elegant model can be decorated with narrow lace, braid or fringe.


Skirt cut "tulip" is perfect for girls who do not have pronounced rounded hips . Such a style will give the figure an appetizing shape. For a tulip, choose plain materials, because the print on it looks redundant and inappropriate. It looks beautiful with pleats in the front, pockets in the side seams and a fabric belt.

With pockets

In the new season, things with patch pockets appear on fashion catwalks more and more often. They are suitable for many, but women with wide hips or lack of a pronounced waist are better off with this model : visually pockets in the waist and hips will only add to the figure of unnecessary volume. If the pockets are in the side seams, then any girl can easily choose such a bottom to her image.

Pockets on the skirt can be decorated with additional accessories:

  • beautiful buttons;
  • tape or braid;
  • fur.

With a yoke

For girls who are prone to gaining weight or losing weight, a skirt on a yoke - a wide belt made of fabric - is ideal. If you add a couple of kilograms, then the skirt will rise slightly to the waist, and if you lose weight, you can wear it on the hips.

A yoke on a skirt is also an additional decoration of a product if, for example, it is made of fabric of a contrasting shade or other material, for example, leather or suede. Often on the yoke, manufacturers provide harnesses so that you can emphasize the waist or hips with a strap.


This option is suitable for women working in the office, as well as for schoolgirls and students. It is also very convenient to wear a pleated skirt on a daily basis, because it is not only combined with many things, but also quite elegant in itself.

Folds on the product can be located as follows:

  • from the coquette;
  • from the belt;
  • can be smoothed out like arrows, and can be light and plastic;
  • can go either in one direction or towards each other.

A pleated skirt looks good from “plaid” - checkered fabric. Ideally, the drawing should be medium or large . Pleated - a good replacement for folds. Such a skirt looks more festive and modern, can be made of bright plain or shiny materials.