Styles of tweed dresses Chanel

In the name lies an indication of the person, thanks to whom the model became popular. The outfit fell in love with the public with the filing of Coco Chanel. She was remembered as an ardent admirer of tweed things, among which a special place was undoubtedly reserved for the dress.

What is a Chanel dress?

The model simultaneously refers to the business and everyday style of clothing. Festive and evening variations are practically absent, and all because of the characteristics of the material. It does not flow and does not fall, it is very dense, holds its shape well and is opaque.

If you make a little effort, you can turn the image into an evening one . Properly selected jewelry (neat, restrained, traditional form, not vulgar; if there is a stone, then only natural), skillfully made hairstyle (no tails, disheveled, “wet hair” effect) and, possibly, gloves or a turban from an expensive scarf will transform like would be a business dress beyond recognition.

The cut itself of a classic Chanel dress is incredibly simple . However, in this case, the absence of special elements and decorative inserts goes only to the hand. The outfit became a phenomenon and entered the history of fashion precisely because it showed how restrained it is.

In addition to simplicity, the model has the following characteristics:

  • lack of simplicity;
  • classic color palette with a focus on black;
  • opacity;
  • modesty cutout;
  • balance of length and fit.

A Coco-style thing cannot simultaneously fit and be very short . Well, with regard to colors and patterns, the canon is relatively often violated. Even Madame Chanel herself wore plaid tweed dresses. Its modern followers in the issue of ornaments of shades have moved even further.

What styles of Chanel come from tweed?

Before Coco, designers paid little attention to tweed. It seemed boring and was not suitable for sewing women's clothing, which was at the height of fashion in those distant times. However, the characteristics of the material allowed him to become the basis for the so-called Chanel style. The fabric provided the products with a clear silhouette and lines, but it was soft . The girl looked dignified and elegant even at the end of the working day, because on her were things from non-wrinkling matter.

What was not in those days was a tweed dress with a magnificent multilayer skirt. Coco clearly limited that only straight clothes and outfits of the classic trapezoid type should be sewn from her favorite fabric . Now there is a tendency to rethink some of the fundamental canons. A game with traditions and frameworks has led Chanel's followers to offer the public to wear even such a thing as a sundress that is completely unrelated to this material from tweed.


A sheath dress in the Chanel style always comes with a lock on the back. It is simply impossible to put on it without this element - cuts in combination with fabric simply do not leave such an opportunity. Although the product does not fit to such an extent that it becomes the second skin, it does not weigh. It successfully balances between two extremes.

Important! Under the classic case from Chanel, you should try to wear a flowing combination of very high-quality silk. A thin thing will not add extra centimeters, but it will allow the dress to sit beautifully on the body.

In the classical interpretation, the sleeve length is very small, but now the parameters of this part of the dress can be any. Models look beautiful in which the sleeve is not made of tweed, but of openwork fabric or chiffon. However, a refined Coco style item definitely cannot have mittens that discord with the overall restrained mood of the dress. If openwork elements are present, then they look expensive and are made in a noble black color.

The cutout, if any, is negligible. The demonstration of breasts or underwear is not included in the plans of a girl trying to match the spirit of Chanel . The dress is sewn in such a way that the bra straps are hidden from prying eyes.

Showing the legs in the canonical version is also not supposed . The skirt ends at the knee, slightly opening it. There is a shallow cut for comfortable walking from the back in the hem. This detail is also good because when taking a certain pose and setting the legs indirectly allows you to outline the curve of the buttocks. But only to outline, not to flaunt them.

With basky

Basque is designed to unobtrusively increase the volume of the chest or hips. She does it so neatly and elegantly that Coco Chanel allowed her presence on her restrained dresses. Perhaps this is almost the only decorative, but not a functional element of the cut that was present on the classic wardrobe items of this cult personality.

A basque can start not only at the waist level . There are very elegant models in which a wide tweed peplum acts as a top. It replaces the sleeves, the back and the front. Ends above the waist. From the point of its completion, the fitting part of the dress begins.

The skirt at any arrangement of the basques does not look magnificent . Her slightly narrowed cut is a guarantee that playing on contrasts will allow you to stretch the figure and add splendor and volume to those parts of the female figure that need these characteristics.


A knee-length model with a rounded or thin cone-shaped neckline is an ideal solution for women with curvaceous and those who do not want to look interesting due to vulgarity. The thing does not fit, it goes without sleeves (but with very wide straps), with very small or transparent gloves from light fabric. Wardrobe items with wide tweed sleeves are definitely worth a look (length: внимания).

Straight dresses with a white collar look interesting: restrained, neat, slightly naive. They are involuntarily associated with educational institutions, and their owner - with a diligent student or moderately strict teacher. Moreover, the length of such a wardrobe item often allows you to demonstrate the beauty of the legs . Beat the general mood of the image with stockings or golf and oxfords or low-heeled shoes.


The classic tweed trapeze is a source of inspiration for designers, as well as an excellent base for creating bows of various types. The material is perfect for the style. It is easy to notice on the street in windy weather. A strong gust of air does not inflate the skirt, and the thing itself does not begin to hug much, as happens with cone-shaped wardrobe items made of delicate matter.

Other noteworthy features:

  • length above the knee, mini is quite common;
  • modest neckline, slightly rounded;
  • small sleeves can be very magnificent, but at the same time rigid and not flying apart (there are also variations with cuffs);
  • there may be pockets on the hem, not so much functional as betraying the image of a certain childishness.

A key feature of the Chanel tweed dress-a-line is that it looks quite beautiful even without decorative elements . This is partly due to the fact that very often two-colored matter is allowed on such things. The neat ripple itself is quite catchy. For completeness, it remains only to dilute this sea with a brooch. Or throw a shortened jacket with large buttons on your shoulders. The latter look incredibly cute.

Dresses also deserve attention, in which only the hem, the neckline and the edges of the mitts are trimmed with rounded tweed. The main canvas is monophonic, harmonizing in color with ripples .


There is a misconception that the style requires flowing materials. At the shows of 2014 and 2017. Chanel’s followers have presented many rebuttals to this postulate. Dresses with a loose cut, sleeveless, with buttons on the front and small pockets looked very beautiful. The skirt began at the level of the widest point of the thigh, came with tiny side cuts.

Dress shirt

The item was shown as part of the demonstration of the Chanel cruise collection in the summer of 2019. The wardrobe item is made in the spirit of oversize. Sleeve Length: ¾. Large pockets adorn the front.


Surprisingly, even sundresses are sewn from tweed, although this contradicts classical ideas (a sample of a tweed sundress can be found in Karl Lagerfeld's summer collection for 2019). The straps of such things are often made of other materials. Cut: loose, non-fitted. From jewelry: ruffles along the hem, large buttons, large pockets.