Styles of summer skirts

With the onset of warming, most girls happily abandon tight and boring jeans, preferring bright and elegant skirts. Such an element of the wardrobe is liked not only by the female gender, but also by the male. Today, there are many styles of summer skirts with which you can create stylish bows. We will analyze the most relevant styles of this season.

Trendy colors of 2019 from Burda

This season, unusual, rich and deep tones are relevant. To create a stylish and beautiful image, choose products in the following shades:

1. Saffron - juicy and very warm shade, the trend of this season. Looks great on dark girls. Saffron is combined with any shades, so it can be safely called universal.

2. Flamingos - a gentle and light shade of pink, very cool and calm. Flamingos will help to emphasize a light tan and blush.

3. Olive - a calm, light shade. Clothes of this color will be an excellent base for creating a stylish look. It looks great on both girls and older women.

4. Azure - juicy, rich, deep shade, suitable for bright blue-eyed blondes. Despite the fact that the color is quite variegated, it goes well with calm light tones.

5. Salmon - very similar to a coral, but a little pink shade. It is the color of summer. He is warm, juicy and tender.

6. Pistachio - a calm color, perfect for all ages. Pistachio goes well with basic tones, so it will be easy to create an effective and at the same time stylish bow with it.

7. Scarlet - juicy, colorful scarlet color will cheer you up in any weather. If you like different shades of red, then this color will appeal to you. With its help, it is always possible to remain in the spotlight. And most importantly, the girl will be 100% confident in him.

8. Jade is a rather complex color, since it requires a special attitude to oneself. The hue radiates a slight coolness, so it is perfect for an evening walk or a trip to a restaurant.

9. Cobalt - this shade resembles the predawn night sky. It looks very elegant and feminine on tanned skin. It goes well with basic calm colors.

On a note! Cobalt color looks luxurious and shines, so it is better to wear such an outfit in the evening.

Popular styles in the summer

Popular styles of this summer: classic, trapezoid or asymmetry . They look very easy and elegant on any figure. Let's analyze each style in more detail.


In the trend of 2019/20, the asymmetric cut of skirts still remains. Today, famous couturiers produce such products with geometric inserts or multilayer. This option is suitable for both business and casual clothing.

With smell

This style does not have to be “mini”. There are long options for older ladies. However , the short skirt with a smell in the front and an extension in the back looks most spectacular.

Classic straight skirts

Classics never go out of style. Today, classic skirts are put on not only for work or interviews, but also in a cafe or for an evening walk. On the shelves of shops you can find a large selection of straight-cut skirts, from which you can choose the right one for you.

A-line skirt

This is one of the varieties of the classic A-line skirt. Such clothes should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista. A-line silhouette emphasizes the waist and hide existing flaws.

Pencil skirt

A pencil skirt elegantly accentuates the hips, creating a businesslike and restrained style. However, if such an element of the wardrobe is worn with a bright top or a light loose blouse, the image will become lighter, casual or evening.

Skirt year

Unusual style in retro style. The product has a tapered top and a loose flared bottom. The free bottom helps to emphasize slender legs and visually lengthen them. One-year skirt is usually mid- or maxi-length . They are very practical in the summer. Suitable for any age.


This style of clothing is created from light, lush fabric, a fold is also acceptable . The skirt freely falls from the waist to the knees or ankles. A vibrant colorful print is a great option for this summer.


One of the current lush styles of the summer 2019/20. This skirt is a little picked up by an accordion along the waist line, due to which a feeling of volume is created. Plain and colored Tatyana ” are relevant this season.

Also, tiered styles are very popular. Such skirts have several layers of fabric, this helps to create the effect of lightness and splendor. The multi-tier style will be relevant for young fashionistas.

Sun and half sun

Skirts-sun or half-sun remain at the top positions for several seasons. The cut of the skirt is very simple, so it looks plain, simple and concise.


Openwork lace or patterns are always in the spotlight. So this season light knitted skirts have become popular . In this bow you can go to the beach or for a walk in the park,

Skirt length and vibrant fabrics

To create a spectacular look, choose juicy, deep tones this summer.

Maxi skirts.

A good option would be turquoise, lemon, olive, apple or flamingo . These shades are perfectly combined with other basic colors and attract attention.

Another important parameter of clothing is length. When choosing a thing, it is important to consider not only your figure, but also the event for which the outfit is intended. This season, the trend is medium-length products - to the knees, they emphasize the figure well and give the image coquetry.

Mini is also in fashion.

A summer skirt is a great option for creating stylish looks. The abundance of styles makes it possible for fashionable women to experiment and look unique at any event.