Styles of summer dresses for obese women

In the summer, one of the favorite types of clothes for women becomes a dress. Each, regardless of build, can choose for themselves a suitable option. For full ladies, there are special secrets that we will discuss later in this article.

Features of styles for full ladies

Of course, not all models of dresses are suitable for a magnificent figure. Desperate to find “their thing”, women buy a shapeless bag, which draws attention to an imperfect body even more. Contrary to all prejudices, designers are advised to pay attention to slightly tight-fitting outfits. It is important to use corrective underwear.

When choosing a dress, individual characteristics and proportions of the figure should be taken into account. For example, for girls with lush hips, one style is suitable, and for ladies with a protruding tummy - completely different. There can be no universal recipe in this case.

Advantages and disadvantages

The range of models is quite diverse. Summer dresses have undeniable advantages:

  • Femininity A spectacular outfit is able to raise low self-esteem and attract attention.
  • Convenience . In the heat, you just need to give up trousers and let the body relax and breathe.
  • Correction of a figure . Only a dress can literally perform a miracle: emphasize the dignity of magnificent forms. Other types of clothes make it much harder.

Attention! Cons from wearing a dress can only occur if a woman has chosen the wrong style.

Successful models

Models for everyday wear should be comfortable, but at the same time stylish. Light dresses are ideal for everyday life on a hot day. Next, consider the most winning options:

  • Sundresses fit both fitted and with an oversized waist line, as well as a straight silhouette.

  • Scatter . This free model with a flying silhouette hides all the imperfections of the figure.

  • Dress with high waist . Especially relevant for a pear-shaped figure. The style adjusts the silhouette, hides the tummy and focuses on a lush bust.

  • “Bat” is a real find for overweight women. The style successfully smooths the disproportionality of the figure, and creates a soft silhouette.

  • Godet is one of the classic models. The skirt fits along the hips, and expands downward, this style fits any figure.

  • A straight silhouette perfectly conceals flaws and helps create an elegant look.

  • Costume dresses are sold complete with a jacket and are suitable for a cool day or evening out.

  • "Trapezoid" disguises extra centimeters at the waist and wide hips.

  • It smells good at masking fullness.

We should also say about beach fashion . Designers offer a large selection of short tunics and loose lightweight chiffon maxi dresses . They can fully open the shoulders and have side cuts. A swimsuit is suitable for a comfortable stay at sea. Moreover, in it you can not only walk along the beach, but also swim.

Important! When choosing a sundress, it is worthwhile to understand that the model will draw attention to the hands and shoulder lines. If you do not want to focus on these parts of the body, it is better to choose a dress with a short sleeve.

Fashion colors

Plain products look the most successfully on magnificent ladies. You should not be afraid of a lush lady in white. A simple cut of a snow-white product to the knee looks unusually stylish .

Red is chosen by those who want to be in the spotlight. All shades of blue look good.

As prints, it is better to choose restrained floral motifs on a dark background . Small and medium peas are also suitable.

Reference! In the 2019/20 trend, bright, saturated shades: saffron (yellow), flamingo, azure, cobalt, jade, etc.


As for the choice of the length of the outfit, in most cases it depends on personal taste. Consider some of the nuances of styles:

  • Mini Short models are not always in demand among overweight ladies, since flaws in the upper legs make them uncomfortable to wear. However, you can always find suitable tights. Only confident women can afford a mini dress.
  • Midi . Plus-size girls of any age can afford it. For young people, these are dresses and sundresses made of airy fabrics, and for adults, they are plain and colored dresses made of dense material.

  • Maxi According to image makers, a long dress can make every girl a beauty queen.

Materials for the summer

The best choice for hot weather - cotton patterns in the form of a trapeze and a shirt dress . Chiffon will allow you to look elegant and airy.

Outfits from this material are chosen for dates and special occasions. Suitable for summer and medium density knitwear . The main thing is that he does not too fit the figure. It is comfortable to wear viscose, it does not crease, holds its shape well and allows air to pass through.

Selection tips

When buying a dress, it is worth considering the features of the proportions of the body:

  • Women with an hourglass figure can afford any outfit, but they look especially stylish in fitted models.
  • The figure "apple" should pay attention to a straight fit and things with a high waist.
  • For the pear-shaped type, the best choice is an empire-style dress. It can be a fitted model with a flared skirt or a wrap dress.

Reference! The advantage of overweight women is a lush bust . Therefore, most of the summer models focus on the neckline.

Successful combinations

For a complete set for the dress, you can wear a jacket or jacket. This can be either a classic model or a shortened summer version. The jacket must be suitable in style and color to the main outfit.

Girls often prefer denim jackets. More older ladies choose knitted cardigans.

Accessories and shoes

You can successfully emphasize the waist with a medium-sized strap . For plain material, a belt in the same color scheme or contrast is suitable.

Jewelry is selected depending on the case. Massive earrings and necklaces are suitable for an evening look.

On workdays, it is better to wear small items made of gold or silver.

As shoes in the summer, you can afford elegant sandals with a small heel or classic ballet shoes.

With the right choice, the dress will help a woman present her figure in a favorable light: hide flaws and show luxurious forms. A wide selection of summer dresses allows ladies to look elegant and feel confident in all situations.