Styles of straight skirts

Despite the fact that modern women in everyday life in many respects prefer comfortable trousers or jeans, the skirt still remains a relevant wardrobe item. Ladies wear it to work, and to festive events, and in ordinary life. The most popular model today is a straight skirt. It was invented back in the 19th century and over time, at first it was the subject of a fashionable wardrobe, then it was condemned, and then turned into a cult thing.

What styles of straight skirts exist?

A variety of styles of skirts allows a fashionista of any age and with a different figure and volume to choose the perfect model for herself. In recent years, the following models have gained particular popularity:


A short skirt above the knee is perfect for young, slim girls. She can be worn as a girl of small stature, and average or above average height. The advantage of the mini is that it is beautifully combined with flat shoes (sneakers, slippers, sandals, boots). Small ladies can wear a heel, the main thing is to ensure that you do not look vulgar.

When choosing a short skirt, you should pay attention to the following materials:

  • knitwear;
  • denim
  • eco leather;
  • checkered tweed or goose foot.

Mini or jeans or leather are often complemented with beautiful elements such as a series of buttons, zippers, lacing or embroidery in the form of flowers.


The length of the midi, that is, just below the knee, is a hit of the last few seasons. This is the perfect skirt for office dress code, study at school or university. For these purposes, it is better to choose a skirt made of dense fabric or leather in restrained colors: black, gray, blue.

If you want to diversify the image a bit, and the dress code allows this, then get a model of dark wine, emerald, beige color. A knitted version with a bright print in the form of flowers or with a strip is perfect for walking in the warm season, and an elegant one with sequins or lace can be worn at a party.

The most stylish option is a midi skirt with high waist . For slender women, a peplum, patch pockets or a strap can be a great addition. The belt is also recommended for those who do not have a pronounced waist.

Things in the length of a midi are considered universal, but if the girl's height is less than 160 cm, it is better to choose a skirt to the knee. If she will strongly protrude beyond the knee, then visually reduce the growth by a few more cm.


A model in maxi length is preferable to wear in the summer . Such a skirt is usually sewn from flying fabric or loose knitwear. For the summer season, a bright color, a print with an ethnic ornament or a gradient of shades will do.

A dense straight skirt is perfect for winter and autumn, either from knitwear or from costume fabric. A print in a cage is a great option for the cold season. It should be combined with a shortened jacket or short fur coat.


This is a fairly narrow skirt, which can be of a length just above the knee or below . She fits:

  • to create a business look. If you complement it with a classic shirt or blouse in pastel colors, a jacket, boats or short ankle boots, the image will be perfect for a business meeting or office work;
  • For a romantic date or a trip to the theater, it is recommended to combine it with a delicate chiffon blouse, sweater or a cropped top.

On an elastic band

A very convenient option for summer or everyday wear. You can wear this option even with your eyes closed, because usually it is sewn from stretched knitwear and does not have any fastener. Choose a monophonic option or with a print - all individually.

It looks interesting skirt, where the elastic is not inside, and sewn directly from the outside. Usually it is quite wide and looks like a belt. The shiny pleated elastic with a rubber band looks very festive.

With smell

It looks very romantic and feminine. It goes well with a tight monophonic turtleneck, shirt or light blouse. The length depends on the specific preferences and the figure of its owner . Women who seek to hide the imperfections of their legs are advised to choose a midi or ankle length model.

Be wary of a short wraparound skirt. Keep in mind: when walking, one of the legs is usually exposed, so pay attention so that others do not see anything superfluous.

Styles of straight skirts for full

Ladies with curvy shapes can and should wear straight skirts. It will help to emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws of the figure. Please note:

  • high waist midi. It will be possible to supplement it with a wide belt, which will play the role of a corset. Such a style emphasizes the waist line, visually stretches the legs ;
  • on straight skirts in dark color. As you know, black is slim. This is not a myth, but absolute truth;
  • on a straight skirt made of matte eco leather or dark jeans. This is not just a hit of the season, but a real helper for a complete woman. Due to the dense fabric, the effect of tightening occurs, but appetizing forms are emphasized .