Styles of long skirts

Some time ago, long skirts were shifted to the periphery by short models. For a very long time it was fashionable to demonstrate legs, use frank options. Now the fashion is returning to long styles again. Their variations are varied and interesting, so finding the right style is not difficult. Read about the most popular styles of long skirts and their features.


  1. Diversity. The history of long skirts is very ancient, so the number of styles includes dozens of models and variations. For every taste it is possible to choose the right option: from modest and concise to catchy and lush.
  2. Universality. Long skirts perfectly replace trousers: it is warm in cool weather. They are suitable for all types of figures, available for any age category. The product is able to hide imperfections in the hips and legs, to make the silhouette slimmer and thinner. Also, they visually add growth.
  3. Convenience. Products do not constrain movements, allow you to move as comfortably as possible.
  4. Material. The fabric for sewing should be selected depending on the time of year and the weather.
    • for winter, options using wool are more suitable. Pay attention to its percentage in the composition. Too many of these threads cause unpleasant tingling sensations on the skin. From other warm materials: drape, tweed, cashmere;
    • spring models sew from bright fabrics (denim, knitwear), warmer varieties: velvet, velveteen, wool;
    • summer: light or flowing materials: linen, chiffon, cotton;
    • autumn: velveteen, knitwear, fabrics containing woolen threads.


Skirt sun. The product bears such a name because of the manufacturing method: a huge circle is created from the fabric with a slot in the center. Belt: elastic, ribbon, yoke, braid. There are magnificent variations (the use of several layers of fabric) that look very elegant and festive. They do not combine with the volumetric top, this option will look overloaded, not proportional. Materials: in summer they use flowing fabrics (usually chiffon). The model provides ease in hot weather. Winter and autumn: knitwear and wool. Their advantages are that they are not picky to use: it is easy to iron, do not wrinkle, do not stretch, do not require reverent care. In such a skirt, be comfortable throughout the day.

Pleated . It is characterized by the presence of many small folds on the fabric. Made of light flowing fabrics (sometimes more dense), equipped with a lining. It is combined with t-shirts, shirts, blouses. It is possible to create an image in retro style by choosing the rest of the wardrobe and accessories correctly.

Pencil Universal, classic version. Comfortable, but a little fettering movement when walking, as it hugs the silhouette quite strongly. Features: emphasizes the bends of the figure, makes the waist visually thinner. Not suitable for girls who consider their hips too wide: such a model will visually increase them. For decoration, cuts are used along the edges or behind, pockets. Heeled shoes are more suitable.

With smell. Options: asymmetric, with a loop, flared, tight. The design of the product gives its owner femininity and elegance. Use various materials: thin and dense, depending on the case. Various prints look good on the fabric: geometric, floral. The design allows you to hide the flaws of the figure, lengthen the silhouette.

Direct . With the right selection of accessories and cut, the style can fit any figure: on slender tall girls will look good in any case. Girls of medium height should choose the right accessories. For girls of short stature, they are also suitable: the main thing is to choose a tight-fitting cut and complement it with a highly located belt. By choosing denim as the material, you can get a universal skirt. It goes well with shirts, t-shirts, sweaters in a different style.

Trapezoid . A great option for everyday wear. Denim or thick cotton is most often chosen as the material. The fit is high, the waist line is emphasized with the help of a belt. Buttons, buttons, and sometimes spikes are used as jewelry.

Skirt year. A tight silhouette, which at the knee line (or slightly higher / lower) becomes flared. It resembles a mermaid’s tail in shape. More suitable for tall girls: can visually reduce growth.

Models for winter: bell skirt, tight-fitting knitted fabrics with several tiers, asymmetric, simple straight lines with or without print.