Styles of long dresses

The dress sooner or later appears in the wardrobe of every woman. Long styles are considered elegant options. There are a lot of models, you can choose both official and casual outfits.

What are the styles of long dresses?

There are a large number of styles of long dresses. When choosing the appropriate option, you need to build on the features of your figure . So tight-fitting robes are definitely not suitable for overweight girls.

Popular styles:

  • a straight silhouette will well emphasize the figure, suitable for slim girls;
  • the fish consists of the upper fitting part, which reaches the knees, and then diverges;
  • the bustier includes bare shoulders and a decollete, has a strong design thanks to a corset;
  • The magnificent version has a voluminous skirt and a tight corset.

Evening, open back

Long evening dresses are presented in a wide variety. They put on formal events, graduations, weddings. Quite an interesting option with an open back. The neckline may be below the waist or accented in the shoulder area.

Graduates often choose lush models that you definitely can’t wear in everyday life. For a festive event, you can use the Empire style, basque, with a slit or an asymmetric version . The outfit must be selected taking into account the characteristics of the figure.

Important! When choosing a lush dress, you must remember that ruffles and rings have long gone out of fashion.


Everyday models are simple and use practical materials. Often outfits for daily wear are presented with a sleeve.

Styles of everyday dresses:

  • case - differs in a straight line that runs from the hip to the ankles and emphasizes the waist;
  • balloon - a free option that combines a skirt-lamp and a regular office blouse;
  • with a smell - creates an interesting decollete line, it is often executed with a high waist;
  • shirt - fits perfectly into the office style.

Dress shirt

The top is made with a shirt, and the lower part with a voluminous skirt. The popularity of such models began in the 60s of the twentieth century. Previously, the cut necessarily implied the presence of a collar. This item is optional now. Dress-shirt is most often decorated with a belt . There are direct models and styles that emphasize the waist.

T-shirt and T-shirt

A long dress-shirt is suitable for girls with imperfect legs, as well as short girls. These outfits look best on slender girls.

Varieties of T-shirt dresses:

  • tight - emphasizes a good figure;
  • with cuts - a gentle and erotic option;
  • with lace - suitable for romantic images.

A long t-shirt dress is a great casual and beachwear option. The style can have a cut, an interesting print, a strap to emphasize the waist. Usually, cotton and knitwear are used for sewing such a model.

Greek and Empire

For the Greek style, light fabrics are used. Waist can be low or high. The use of sleeves is acceptable. This option is suitable for almost all girls.

Empire refers to the presence of a narrow top and a wide bottom. Visually, the silhouette resembles the letter “A”. With its help, it is possible to create a feminine romantic image. There are options with high waist.

With smell

Dress with a wrap has a neckline in the shape of the letter V. It is formed due to the smell of tissue on each other and the formation of folds. Such a style will help emphasize the figure, guarantees a beautiful neckline.

Important! Previously, a dress with a smell was sewn exclusively from cotton in a color pattern. Now they use different materials and colors.


The mermaid (fish, year) style arose thanks to the silhouette of the Princess. The dress fits the figure to the knees, and then expands sharply. There are a lot of options for tailoring the product, although the cut does not differ in variety. In any case, the top will be tight.

Variations of the execution of the top in the style of a mermaid:

  • bare shoulders;
  • straps of different thickness;
  • one thick shoulder strap on one shoulder.

Designers often experiment with the back in the silhouette of a fish. It can be open, with lace or asymmetric cuts. Some models are made with a sleeve, others without it.

Important! Year is suitable exclusively for official events. This is a suitable option for short girls with medium complexion.

With a loop

A long dress with a train is a classic option. A straight silhouette without unnecessary details is able to emphasize the elegance and naturalness of the image. This style suits girls of different complexions . It is universal for both tall and low girls.

Summer styles

Summer is the perfect season to wear dresses. At this time, you can wear an outfit of any style. It all depends on the situation and the event that you need to dress up for. You can take a lightweight Greek model or a more rigorous version of Empire. For formal events, a year or a lush model is suitable. A sports option, a shirt dress, is suitable for everyday wear.

Important! To get a complete image, you need to complement the outfit with jewelry.

Winter options

In winter, dresses of different styles are worn, because even in the cold season, women tend to look stylish and feminine. To such outfits add turtlenecks, boots, various kinds of jewelry. The main thing is that the material is warm.

Styles of winter outfits:

  • with and without sleeves;
  • long tunic;
  • vest dress;
  • with a direct silhouette;
  • warm sundresses;
  • Empire.

Scarves, hats, gloves, various wraps and scarves will help to complete the image. Also in winter, they always wear warm boots or boots, tights or leggings.