Styles of evening dresses

Life consists not only of working days, walks and gatherings with friends. Sometimes there are special occasions for which a special outfit is needed. An evening gown is one such thing. It occupies a special place in each wardrobe. With it comes self-confidence, special grace, femininity. The choice of such a dress is not an easy task: you need to decide on the style, style, color, texture.

What are evening dresses

Modern fashion offers many models in which it is easy to get confused, miss the important. This article is a guide to evening dresses. She will allow to better understand all types of dresses for celebrations.


Knee length or above (not much). Many girls choose them precisely because of their coquetry, practicality, and convenience. This option is more universal than a long outfit, it will suit almost any occasion, it will less hamper the movement. Looks great on owners of slender legs, emphasizes their beauty. The style can be straight or with a fluffy skirt. An interesting option is the asymmetry: the front is short, the back is long. Design: use of quilling, embroidery, rhinestone, drapery. Such decor will give it luxury.

REFERENCE. Etiquette rules prescribe the ability to wear such dresses only for late events (beginning no later than 7 pm).


Style with a magnificent oval skirt of an unusual form. It looks like a tulip skirt, but has a difference: it is larger, tapering at the bottom of the product.

The volume is achieved due to the design: for it, the lining is necessarily sewn, and the lower edge of the main skirt is folded and sewn to the lining. Varieties : straight, wide (resembles a pipe), with folds at the waist.

Top :

  • open shoulders;
  • ajar neckline;
  • closed shoulders (there are various cutouts).

Fabrics : satin, silk. The colors are diverse: from calm to catchy, festive. REFERENCE These fabrics are best suited, as they have the properties to form a drapery. Such a dress is an ideal way to smooth out thinness.

Baby dollars

The name speaks for itself: the product contains elements that are used when sewing children's clothing. It features bright bows, sequins, sequins, ruffles. To make it more adult and get the necessary contrast, the product is supplemented with frank elements: short length, open neckline, inserts made of translucent material. Thus, a contradictory combination is obtained: both cute and sexy.

Main features:

  • a fluffy skirt (often multi-layered);
  • high waist.

REFERENCE. Best suited for girls. Otherwise, there is a great risk of looking ridiculous.

Imperial style

The opposite of open dresses. The top, shoulders and arms of such products are covered with a cloth. Less frank option.


  • V-neck
  • the decollete zone is most often open;
  • flared sleeves (3/4 or long), sometimes assembled below;
  • for sewing sleeves use a thin translucent fabric;
  • length: medium (to the knee) or to the floor.


A wide variety of models are presented. Suitable for celebrations, meetings, receptions. They always look luxurious, so for an important celebration it is worth stopping the choice on it. This season multilayer options are in fashion: they are original and beautiful. For them, it is better to use calm tones: pink, peach, nude shades. So the image will be more balanced. You can open some parts of the body with transparent inserts, an open neckline, wide straps, cuts along the edges. The trend is light flowing fabrics, appliqués, mesh, lace.


One of the most popular and chic models.


  • tight fit on top - corset base: fully open or closed;
  • in closed corsets, sleeves are long or ¾;
  • a fluffy long skirt (on the floor). Necessarily multi-layered;
  • for sewing the lower layers use a light but strong fabric;
  • upper skirts are denser: jacquard, silk, guipure;
  • to give greater splendor, hoops are used: skirts are sheathed around them, so a strong frame is formed. But such products are quite heavy and uncomfortable;
  • jewelry: waistline decor, open back.

On tall girls look more profitable.

REFERENCE This option is suitable for really significant events.


Elegant, but more versatile and practical option. Top : corset or fully closed (like imperial). Skirts : lush, trapezoidal. Fashionable materials : jacquard, satin, velvet, knitwear. Suitable for any figure and any age.

Mermaid (year, pipe)

Talking name: tight-fitting top, just below the middle of the thigh a fluffy skirt begins. It can be corset or completely closed (in this case it is possible to open the back). More suitable for girls with a proportional figure, a thin waist.


Elegant and stylish option. The effect is achieved through the use of fabrics with a beautiful texture and design.

Decor :

  • cutout in front (most often with letter V);
  • deep neckline: open or decorated with chains, straps, inserts (lace or translucent fabric);
  • cuts along the edges (for those who are not afraid to demonstrate their legs).


A product made of light soft fabrics, elegant and airy. It has a high waist and a lot of folds of material.

In greek style


  • the waist is also too high;
  • use of light tissue;
  • drapery, layering material;
  • one shoulder is open, on the second a thick shoulder strap (continuation of the dress). It can be declared in a ring.
  • One of the most suitable options for pregnant girls.


Attribute of the avant-garde, but it is not necessary to go into it. Asymmetric skirt : short in front, long in back. May be lush, fabrics of inner and outer skirts may vary in color. Bodice : one shoulder is fully open. The remaining strap is often decorated with large details. This style suits low girls.

When choosing the perfect dress, first of all, be guided by your taste and knowledge about the features of the figure. This will facilitate the search and help you choose what is best for the celebration.