Styles of dresses from velvet

Velvet dress is now at the peak of its popularity. Soft, delicate, elegant product conquered most of the female sex. And today fashionistas choose such clothes not only for the festive event, but also for the everyday look. Despite the fact that velvet products were popular several centuries ago and wore them only at the feast. Today, velvet has not lost its luxury and practicality. So it’s suitable for any chosen image.

Velvet dress - luxury in every movement

Velvet has long been considered the fabric of nobles. Today, every fashionable woman who wishes can become the heiress of noble blood and put on such luxury on herself. After all, today there are many affordable clothing options for every woman. To do this, it is enough to choose the right style of clothing for your type and the events where the girl plans to go.

Models of Velvet Short Dresses

Royal fabric looks unsurpassed on the styles of short dresses. In this case, you can choose the sleeves of absolute different lengths or even abandon them. This season, the following short product models are trending:

  • dress-sundress;
  • products with A-silhouette;
  • sheath dress;
  • clothing in the style of a new bow from Dior.

Velvet transforms and complements any form. Textured folds will add volume, a graceful tight-fitting product to highlight the silhouette. Today, almost all styles of velvet clothing are popular. Options with a skirt-sun or an asymmetric flare look beautiful.

Elegant black and burgundy sheath dresses do not lose their relevance. They are well-suited for a party, romantic dinner, or social event. Harmoniously look options with an open neckline, black tights and pumps.

Note: focus the image on one part of the body, that is, we emphasize the asymmetry of the shoulder, sleeve or decollete.

Styles of long dresses from velvet

Every lady dreams of a sophisticated, luxurious long dress. It gives zest, style and femininity to the image. Today, the following styles of long products are in fashion:

  • asymmetry;
  • fitting options with open parts;
  • classic;
  • year;
  • Greek style.

Today, long models are worn not only at social events. They can be safely carried along the street on an ordinary day or worn for a friendly meeting, party. An abundance of color solutions allows you to create the most stylish bows this fall.

Off Shoulder Velvet Dresses

Asymmetric options for velvet products are the trend of the season. More than one season they will be at the top positions due to their sexuality, femininity and elegance.

On the shelves you can find a wide variety of options. There are short, medium, long models with one or two shoulders open. Such options will be relevant in the warm season. However, in cool weather, models with velvet with an open shoulder can be worn for a romantic dinner, birthday or for going to the movies.

Velvet dresses from famous designers

We are actively coming to fashion from the 90s. Bright, stylish velvet dresses are back in fashion. Today, famous fashion designers offer fashionable women to purchase sophisticated products from velvet of medium length fitted or loose cut. Each girl will find her best option.

A short or midi dress is perfect for a party or meeting with friends. Fashion designers recommend choosing saturated ones. Deep shades of the product. A small black, olive, gray, gold or green item looks beautiful. It fits under boots or long over the knee boots. An unusual necklace or gloves with a hat will help to complement the image.

Styles of dresses with velvet

If you did not like products made of velvet, you can always find an alternative. For example, knitted or elastic options with velvet inserts look stylish. It can be a patch, an insert or an elegant lace.

Elegant lace complement a long piece to the floor or to the knee. It is acceptable on the sleeves or bottom. Also, lace can be in the form of an insert on the sides, back or stomach.

Velvet inserts or stripes look spectacular on different styles of the product. Lush, fitted, short, long monophonic options are harmoniously combined with various accessories and additions.

Important! If you think that stripes or lace looks too catchy and pretentious for everyday style. This is an erroneous opinion, as well-known fashion designers came up with free cut outfit models with frills, flares and other details to make the image as comfortable and stylish as possible.

What velvet dress to choose for a New Year's party

On the eve of the New Year, many fashionistas are wondering which outfit to choose for the New Year's party. After all, there are so many beautiful options, but are they all appropriate? Specialists advise to celebrate the New Year in the following colors:

  • gold;
  • silver;
  • the black;
  • brown;
  • Bordeaux;
  • sand.

For New Year's Eve, you can choose a short mini-dress from velvet with lace. It will look elegant and sophisticated. And the royal material will shine under the shining lights. It will also be relevant to have a fitted dress in the floor with a deep neckline above the knee. Best if it is on the side. Velvet dress fits perfectly into the New Year's atmosphere. And the girl in him will feel comfortable, cozy and sexy.

Velvet is an expensive, royal material that has been popular ever since. It gracefully adorns the female body, giving the image of luxury, femininity and sexuality. Velvet dresses are suitable for girls of all ages. An abundance of styles and colors will help create an unrivaled image for any event.