Styles of dresses for pregnant women for the winter

Pregnancy is a great time for a woman that is filled with joyful expectation and delight. During this period, the girl’s body changes a lot, but at the same time, every future mom wants to look attractive and beautiful in any situation. Fashion designers did not disregard this category of women and annually produce whole lines of clothing for the winter for women in position.

What styles of winter dresses for pregnant women exist?

On fashion catwalks you can rarely see collections of clothes for pregnant women. But there are a lot of special clothes for expectant mothers, her styles are different and satisfy almost any taste, adjusted for the peculiarities of the body structure during this period.

The most popular type of clothes for girls in position are dresses. They are comfortable, do not squeeze the body, their cut is created in such a way as to gently drape the rounded belly . In addition, usually such items of clothing are made exclusively from natural materials so as not to cause an allergic reaction.

In the current season, styles are considered popular:

  • in the Empire style (with a high waist of a straight cut);
  • trapezoidal;
  • A-line;
  • with smell;
  • tunic dresses;
  • pleated or shuttlecocks.

Important! Before buying, you should try on several models to determine not only the cut, but also with convenience. It should sit well and not squeeze.


Unique cut with high waist allows you to wear the product at any stage of pregnancy. A narrow bodice is usually made with a large neckline to emphasize the rounded shape of the chest. Natural materials allow the girl to feel comfortable, and the cut dress makes it possible to wear it not only as a casual outfit, but also appear in it at parties.


A-line dresses look quite simple, but at the same time they beautifully drape a rounded belly and allow the girl to feel confident. It is better to choose interesting models with original drawings or prints. However, if a girl decides to choose a monophonic thing in a monochrome color scheme, the image should be emphasized with bright accessories, for example, a scarf or handbag.


One of the most popular styles for girls in position. It allows you to completely hide or gently outline the rounded belly, hide all the flaws of the figure and show slender legs. The length of the dress is most often above the knees, the neckline of the dress can be varied.

With smell

Dresses, wraparound at the waist, successfully hide a short gestation period and gently outline the abdomen in the last months of bearing the baby. This is an original and very interesting cut that is suitable for a business image or going to a party. It is better to choose solid models, combining them with bright accessories and decorations.

Important! Each girl is individual and a dress of a certain style may not suit or may not be to your liking. Do not blindly trust sellers and buy the first model that comes across. The right choice can be made only after trying things on.

Among other models that future mothers like, stand out loose shirt dresses. They allow the lady to feel free and easy, go well with things in casual style. Baggy straight-cut tunics that completely hide the body and pleated dresses are also popular. The choice of models is truly huge and every woman will be able to choose something to her taste.