Styles of dresses that hide the belly (photo)

Women are constantly dissatisfied with their figure and are constantly striving to improve something: lose weight, tighten their stomach or remove their sides. And every Monday they’re going to go on a diet. Life goes on, but the tummy does not decrease. Let's try to disguise it with the help of clothes.

Features of the styles of dresses that hide the belly

A figure far from ideal is not a reason to refuse a stylish outfit. In any complexion, you can look chic, if you just want to and make some effort. Many women successfully use clothing styles in order to hide flaws and emphasize dignity.

The tricks of the cut will help to achieve the effect . If the task is to hide the stomach, then you need to find a style that will meet the set requirements:

  • shift in emphasis from the waistline;
  • switching attention from the waist to the chest, shoulders or legs;
  • creating free volume in the abdomen.

The right fit

The key to success is the choice of style that will decorate you. To do this, carefully examine yourself in front of the mirror and determine the places that you need to hide. Think about what is worth emphasizing. Fashion designers are advised to choose the following silhouettes to mask excess in the waist:

  • high waist;
  • with understated;
  • balloon;
  • oversize;
  • case;
  • trapezoid;
  • Greek;
  • with smell.

Drapery where you need it

This is just the trick that creates volume in problem areas with the help of folds and pinches. They are beautifully laid out in such a way that the whole emphasis is shifted to the created drapery.

This technique can create a symmetrical pattern or asymmetric bends, any options look very advantageous. The game of grace of folds leads to the fact that all problem areas are successfully hidden, and a girl in such a dress appears in the image of a style icon.

Color hiding completeness

Light fabrics visually increase the volume, and the fullness in them can be hidden only by the perfect selection of style. Dark colors - all shades of black, dark gray, purple, green, blue, brown - visually stretch the silhouette.

Bright colors can enlarge the figure, so choose them with care and be sure to try on, do not abandon the model immediately. Only a mirror will show which option you should stop at.

Preferred prints and color combinations

Ideal mask extra pounds in the waist area relevant in recent years, vertical stripes. They lengthen the silhouette and show it to others in the most favorable light. But horizontal stripes require caution. There are no uniform recommendations for their selection, but small strips are able to enlarge the already magnificent forms . In this case, the mirror will also be your best adviser.

Be careful with plant prints . Too small for ladies in the body will not work, but very large should be evenly and symmetrically with respect to the center of the figure.

Important! The print should never fit the stomach. A stretched ornament or strip will look comical and simply destroy your reputation.

The styles of dresses for the full, hiding the tummy

The most successful models that hide the belly will be styles with pinches, frills, drapery, smell . These details will allow free fitting fabric, which with its volume will cover the extra pounds in the problem area. Pleated and dark side panels give the silhouette sophistication and harmony.

Important! Refuse ridiculous shapeless and baggy dress silhouettes. They disfigure the figure and add extra roundness, implying them by the inexpressive lines of an outdated cut.


A dress of this style is a lifeline for women with any type of figure. It gradually expands from top to bottom, hiding not only the stomach, but also the hanging sides. The cut is rather laconic and moderately strict, reminiscent of the geometry of the trapezoid. The dress will suit both business and casual style.

Usually the length is limited to the knee area (slightly higher or slightly lower). A chain with an interesting pendant or a massive necklace will complement the image and allow the girl to feel confident in the office and at the party.

With a focus on high waist

This is a very advantageous style, but only if the skirt has sufficient volume and does not fit the problem areas. A dress with a combination of different textures of the upper and lower parts or with a free drapery of the bottom will look beautiful. A wide belt between a skirt and a bodice will suit some girls.

Choose the length of the dress based on whether the legs are the subject of your pride or not . In the first case, you can choose a short dress of the current style of baby doll. But if you are not sure about the attractiveness of the legs, buy longer models in the Empire style.


The bodice with a free volume forms a lap that hides the tummy, while the emphasis is transferred to the tight-fitting skirt. The length should cover the knee so that the figure looks proportionate . When choosing a dress, make sure that the fabric of the upper part does not touch the stomach anywhere, otherwise instead of a slender coquettish silhouette, an ugly parody of herself will turn out.


A softly flowing, unusually feminine, airy, elegant dress in the Greek style will in the best way hide the extra roundness. The first version of such a dress softly fits the chest and free folds down from the waist to the hips and further down. This style is suitable for women of any complexion.

Another option is a model with completely bare shoulders and a cape-shaped neckline. The waistline can remain normal or be too high, and the length of the hem drops below the knee, but above the ankle. Cutout shape draws silhouette.

And another variety, the most modest of the Greek, it has a rounded neckline in the form of a necklace. The loose fit of the upper part of the dress, which only indicates the bends of the body, hides the figure completely, along with all the advantages and disadvantages. Only shoulders and arms remain in sight.

In some models, there are sleeves in the form of a bell, a flashlight, or one-piece, in the shape of a "bat." The cuts of the outer side (seam) of the sleeve in the evening version of the outfit look very elegant and sophisticated.

With smell

Appearing as a dressing gown, a simple and functional product has gained popularity with its femininity, the ability to hide an imperfect figure and the ability to transform. For almost half a century of its existence, a huge number of styles have been invented with a shift in emphasis from the chest, waist, hips to problem-free zones.

Now this model is again in trend. Among puffy beauties, a dress with a decorative swinging hollow is especially popular.


One of the most versatile and practical dress models that will suit all girls, regardless of the type of figure. In order to hide flaws, choose the outfit by size, without undue tightness . But too loose a thing of this cut will look ridiculous.

If the model of your size does not decorate, then try to choose a style with a long V-neck or a cut from the neck. A two-tone dress with dark accents on the sides, which visually lengthens the figure and makes it slimmer, is definitely suitable in this case.

Important! Corrective seamless underwear worn under the dress will consolidate the success and allow you to look like a king.

Dress shirt

Visually, this is an elongated shirt. There is a stiff collar and a placket with buttons along the entire length, which makes the silhouette slim. A straight cut allows you to hide your stomach and hips, and a lowered shoulder line masks excess in the upper part . You can combine the dress with jeans, trousers and leggings. The length can be any, but models in the floor in the summer look very relevant.


A dress with a skirt that has different lengths, front and back or sides, distracts attention from problem areas. Emphasis moves to slim legs, an interesting cut line or an asymmetrical hem . The figure in this style visually lengthens, and its flaws are not visible to others.

Sometimes asymmetric details are in the waist area. This can be a bow shifted to one side, an unusual one-sided drapery, an interesting frill. In this case, they will also attract attention with their unusual appearance, and the tummy will go unnoticed.

With basky

Now such a style is not so relevant, but, a little forgotten, returns to the wardrobes again with the submission of fashion designers. Models with a hanging detail are suitable for women who want to divert attention from a small tummy, possibly acquired during a vacation with ol-inclusive or New Year's holidays.

Important! The basque should completely cover the stomach, the asymmetric cut of the elongated part will perfectly cope with this.


In the wardrobe of fashionistas there are oversized sweaters and coats, and almost all ladies wear a dress in this style in the summer. This is the profitable style that allows you to look young and stylish for all women, regardless of age and characteristics of the figure. It is simply designed to hide flaws and smooth the silhouette of the figure.


The sleeves of the dress are cut out along with the shelves and form a single detail. The geometry of the silhouette resembles an inverted triangle, and if the connecting line is made smoother, we get the good old style, known for many decades as a “bat”. All the flaws of the figure remain under the free volume of the fabric.

But there is also the flip side of the coin: with such a shoulder line, growth is visually reduced, so shoes need to be picked up with heels.


The peculiarity of the style lies in the fact that the expanding silhouette like a trapezium at the bottom is assembled in a special way with the help of a separate part or pinches. The volume of the dress created in the form of a barrel allows you to demonstrate slender legs, which visually necessarily become such. The effect of the fragility of the figure located in the balloon and, as it were, accidentally falling into the fabric .


A familiar jacket with a short zipper on the chest and a huge pocket for both hands appears in a new interpretation. Now this is the fashionable style of the dress, which borrowed the main features from the light jacket. The difference is the length that falls below the knee. Many girls have already appreciated the increased comfort of the youth style and its ability to mask the flaws of the figure.

Dresses with the right sleeve

Ladies with curvaceous forms to demonstrate full hands once again is not worth it. Too much of their volume in the upper part must be closed with a sleeve. The bat style is good for this. It will be interesting to look at a long "flashlight".

The sleeve of the kimono, which gently and freely fits the shoulders, will help to reduce the shoulder line and close the fullness. But he will require a belt. It is not difficult to choose a model of a dress with such a sleeve, and you will look very stylish in it.

What to prefer to pregnant?

Waiting for the baby requires a requisition of comfortable clothes, because the stomach grows every day. Temporarily give up tight-fitting models, be patient without your favorite things, because this is not for long. When choosing clothes for a pregnant woman, remember that it should provide:

  • freedom of movement;
  • ease of putting on;
  • supply of tissue and air between the stomach and the dress.

Prefer styles with assemblies, pleats, oblique cuts, pinches, those in which you will feel free . It can be dresses in the form of a shirt, a-line, balloon, oversized, high-waisted or Greek style.