Styles of cocktail dresses

Wearing an elegant dress, a woman instantly transforms and becomes even more confident and attractive. For everyday life, you need to choose practical and comfortable clothes. But with the outfit for the holiday, you can experiment. The most interesting options are found among cocktail dresses.

Styles of cocktail dresses

Cocktail dresses have long occupied a certain niche in evening fashion. In the collections of fashion designers there is always a couple of such options. They are an average option between a spectacular evening outfit and a casual dress. There is a wide variety of cocktail styles, and each representative of the fair sex will find his own liking.

REFERENCE! One of the most beloved options for women is the little black dress by Coco Chanel. It can be presented in various interpretations and always remains a win-win option at any events.


Dresses - bustiers have remained in trend for many decades. The open shoulders of this outfit emphasize the excellent figure, because it does not have shoulder straps and sleeves. This option is chosen by girls who can demonstrate the neckline. They can be presented in different color options: from bright and shiny to muted and pastel colors.


Shortened dresses undoubtedly look very impressive, but they are not suitable for all girls. In order to wear it you need to have beautiful, well-groomed and slender legs. In addition, the length of the mini should be appropriate for the dress code of the event. Most often they are chosen for nightclubs by young girls. But models to the knees and midi will be an excellent solution for overweight girls and middle-aged women. Very short options have a closed top and even collars in the form of racks, which makes the image more harmonious and complete. Sometimes it is more appropriate to wear a mini with long sleeves. This is especially true in the autumn-winter period.

Baby dollars

Such models have a fluffy and airy skirt. The petticoat is often made on the basis of a rigid mesh or tulle, which makes it possible for the product to keep its shape. But lush ladies do not recommend purchasing this style, because A voluminous skirt will draw attention to full legs. A skirt is often made based on the model of the sun or half-sun. Developing during the step, the skirt will coquettishly open the female legs.

IMPORTANT! The baby-dollar version looks especially beautiful on slender and graceful girls, making them even more graceful.


Sheath dress is a classic and versatile option. It is perfect for girls with narrow hips and a weakly expressed waist line. The top of this outfit is closed, and the skirt has a classic straight cut. There are no sleeves in this model, so it is possible to show beautiful shoulders and arms. It can also be worn in everyday life, if you pick up standard models in black, brown or white.

For plain products, you can pick up beautiful jewelry around the neck, and for printed items it is better to wear less noticeable earrings and a bracelet.

ATTENTION! If buttons are provided in such a model, then they are most often fitted with fabric to match the tone of the product.

With open back

Models with an open back look interesting. The dress itself can be closed as much as possible in front and be very simple at first glance. The back can be opened both partially and completely. Especially beautiful are photos where a girl stands half a turn, showing her open back. Such models emphasize the sophistication and harmony of the body.

Fashionable styles and models

Consider a few more interesting and popular options:

  • Models with asymmetric cut. Moreover, asymmetry can be present in any detail. This can be a train, a side cut, the presence of a brooch on one side, a diagonal shoulder strap on one shoulder and other options;
  • Bandeau dresses. These options have in their structure a corsage that perfectly corrects the figure. They can have a train or basque. Therefore, claimed by most women with imperfect figure;
  • Models with draperies. Such models have complex designs and are often made to order;
  • Cocktail dresses on the floor. Here you need to understand a clear line of their differences from classic evening dresses. The cocktail in this case is more modest in color and decorative decorations;
  • It should be noted that the main trends of 2018-2019 will be the transparency and openness of outfits, as well as the presence of cutouts, a neckline and an open back. Cocktail dresses can be made of the most expensive and sophisticated fabrics, and embroidery, rhinestones, lace and other decorative ornaments are used in their decoration. The outfit should be selected taking into account the type of figure and the format of the event. Among the variety of styles, each girl will find a suitable option for herself.