Styles of beach tunics

Light tunics of various styles have become a spectacular addition to beachwear or swimwear. Airy translucent fabric gently emphasizes the contours of the female body and protects the skin from scorching sunlight.

Advantages and features of models

A huge selection of models of various colors provides the opportunity for each girl (woman) to choose a product according to individual characteristics and taste.

Popular styles

For several years now the trend is asymmetric cut products. The neck can be round, “boat”, V-shaped or with a lowered shoulder.

Knitted tunics

Crocheted lace tunics are very popular . Intricate lace made of thin threads create an incredibly soft and delicate image. You can choose any styles: loose with flared sleeves or without them, straight, with a large pattern.

Fashionistas love to see a thin swimsuit and a beautiful tan through the openwork pattern .


An ordinary grid would look boring, so it is fashionable to combine it with other materials or alternate with an unusual ornament. You can beat the original style: cuts on the sides, mittens.

Large mesh does not completely cover the dark tan and figure.

With long sleeve

Thin sensitive skin requires protection from the scorching sun. Those who are afraid to burn out, it is better to choose a model without lace patterns.

More comfortable, not constraining movements - tunics with flared sleeves. In such models, the cutout “boat” or V-shaped is more common .

Creative elements will add a zest: fringe, tassels and more. Designers suggest to make a decor of a contrasting color.


There are tunics with a hood on sale. Decorative elements play an important role in creating a beautiful bow. Here, buttons, multi-colored shoelaces and other details are suitable.

Reference! Hood - excellent protection of the head and hair from the sun. After all, ultraviolet can discolor and dry any hair, which will adversely affect the shine and beauty of your hairstyle.


The original style of a free cut with voluminous sleeves, can be with an asymmetric bottom line. This is no longer a simple cloak, but a stylish outfit of fashionistas.

Designers suggest decorating the edges of the poncho with tassels, unusual fringe or patterns.

Tunic shirt

In addition to shirt dresses, tunic shirts are also popular, they are sewn from weightless thin fabrics, sometimes with a small collar, buttons and narrow sleeves ¾.

For the beach, you can choose or sew a tunic of a free cut, such a model will perfectly adjust the figure if it is necessary to cover something. Buttons can be placed in front so that the product can be easily unfastened, exposing a tanned body.

From scarfs

An unusual solution that many people like is a tunic made of scarves. Here you can apply creativity by choosing beautiful scarves, you can create a creative model.

Such a tunic will especially appeal to overweight ladies, since it is in this model that it is easy to hide excess weight.

Square bright shawls are sewn along the sides, leaving the neck and armholes un sewn. If you take triangular headscarves, then they are tied with knots or fastened with elastic bands.

This tunic will definitely be exclusive on the entire beach. And the style can be chosen to your liking and figure.

For full

For those who are not satisfied with their body, there is no reason to be shy, you can always adjust the figure with a spectacular tunic.

Advice! With a wide waist, it is better to purchase loose or flared products. Soft lung tissue will not focus on the figure.

Designers suggest choosing high-waist products. Under a large chest, a tunic can be tied with laces or a belt, or decorated with decor.

If your arms are full, then tunics with flared sleeves will do. Full hips perfectly hide elongated models.

For pregnant

It is harmful for pregnant women to stay for a long time under the hot sun. Fabrics for tunics are suitable only natural, obligatory free cut products.

Nothing should constrain movements. Future mothers have popular styles:

  • oversized with a wide waist and lowered shoulders;
  • tunics-shirts of a free cut which are easy to unfasten if necessary.

These styles will create comfort and skin protection.


Long products are especially suitable for full ladies, but they will also be slim to thin ones. With any figure and age - this is ideal.

The most popular styles are midi (until the middle of the caviar), often with cuts on the sides.

Short items are considered classics . They are distinguished by special comfort and convenience.

Asymmetry looks especially stylish and creative. The bottom of the shirt can be semicircular or with side cuts.


Sexual explicit tunics are always in trend. If you want to have a closed bow, you should choose two-layer models.

Popular materials for beach models:

Chiffon - by weight and dries instantly, but prone to clings. Spectacular bright color models.

Cotton - breathes great, comfortable. Laces and tassels will decorate the tunic. You can embroider the neck, sleeves or hem.

Guipure is a type of lace, but it uses synthetic threads. Harsh for a naked body.

Irish lace - beautiful, separately connected and interconnected elements. It looks stylish and impressive, such a model can be used not only on the beach, but also instead of a cardigan.

Silk is a hypoallergenic material, dries quickly, and allows air to pass through. The flowing weightless fabric is ideal for beach tunics.


Fashion has become so democratic that the choice of colors is unlimited:

  • white emphasizes tan well;
  • black is effective in lace patterns, but it is hot in it;
  • all shades of pink are the most feminine;
  • yellow - a piece of sun for fashionistas;
  • beige - a neutral shade, it is easy to combine with any color;
  • colored products with prints - ideal for hot summers.

Each fashionista wants to create for herself a universal and exclusive product. Tighter models can be worn not only on the beach, but also in the city.