Style Icon - 7 Best Jennifer Lopez Outings in 2019

Public appearances of Jennifer Lopez are looking forward to both her fans and the fashion industry. She has a special sense of style, and her looks are always impressive.

Best Jennifer Lopez Outings

Jennifer Lopez is famous not only for its extraordinary beauty, but also for many talents. A girl from an ordinary poor family has proved by personal example that, thanks to her abilities and diligence, much can be achieved in life. She is recognized as a singer, actress, television presenter and even producer. Next, we consider the best images of the star in 2019.

Reference! Many people consider the phenomenon of her style to be that she prefers to deviate from the standards and never chases trends.

1. Grammy 2019 Awards

At Grammy, Jennifer shone in a luxurious snow-white dress, embroidered with crystals. A hat with huge brim decorated the head.

Attention! Each exit of a star person into the world is thought out to the smallest detail, and dresses emphasize an ideal body.

2. Met-Gala Ball

At the annual ball, she arrived in a dress fully embroidered with bugles. Perfectly in harmony with him is a wig made using the same technology.

3. Morning radio show

The star skillfully selects outfits depending on the event . So, to visit the morning broadcast of the radio station, she chose suspenders and a white tight-fitting topic.

4. Presentation of the Oscar

On the Oscar red carpet, Jennifer appeared in a Tom Ford dress. The fabric looked as if constructed from small pieces of a mirror.

5. "Icon of style"

At the CFDA Fashion Awards, fashion critics unanimously called Jennifer a "style icon . " The singer received an award for her contribution to the fashion industry. At the presentation, she came in a set of a short top and a full skirt of poppy flowers.

6. How to look stylish in a gray suit?

An ordinary gray trouser suit instantly hit the pages of glossy publications. Meanwhile, the photo was taken during a break on the set.

7. "Star" robe Lopez

In one of the popular pictures, a celebrity walks down the street in a bathrobe and uggs. Even in such simple things, she managed to look stylish and spectacular.

It’s always interesting to watch the outfits of divas, not only in the spotlights, but also in ordinary life. Jennifer's style is impeccable and testifies to her excellent taste. For many girls around the world, she is an example to follow.