The style of the dress, which slims into 3 sizes

Women with curvaceous forms sometimes want to look slim and fragile, as well as wear elegant and romantic outfits. And in this case, dresses with side inserts come to their aid, which are able to visually adjust the silhouette, making it elegant and slender. Such an image will suit any girl.

Dress that slims down 2-3 sizes

It does not have to be contrasting in color with the main material of the dress insert. You can purchase an original outfit with translucent sidewalls, as well as products decorated with bright ribbons, stripes, wide seams. Their secret is that they make the silhouette more elongated. Visually, it is very slim and makes the figure elegant, with feminine roundness in the right places.

Important! It is noteworthy that such a style suits absolutely everyone, magnificent ladies and slender girls with a chiseled figure. At the same time, each will find for itself a whole series of advantages that the selected image gives.

Basic rules for choosing outfits with inserts:

  • the silhouette of the dress should resemble a violin, choosing a style according to the “pear” type, the girl will achieve the opposite effect and visually make the figure heavier;
  • stylists do not advise purchasing items with lace or translucent strips of fabric in your wardrobe; when moving, they form ugly folds on clothes that substantially obscure the effect of a stylish bow;
  • a good and original option, as an alternative to two symmetrical, the only wave-like insert;
  • the inserts do not have to be a separate element of clothing, it can be just wide seams or fixed colored ribbons that outline the desired silhouette.

The most winning image for girls with any type of figure is a dress of medium length and a semi-adjacent style. You can use the product with two contrast inserts or one in front or side. In any case, the product perfectly adjusts its shape, making the image sophisticated. It beautifully frames the figure and flaunts the dignity of the silhouette, hiding the flaws.

This dress is usually combined from a fabric of two colors.

A dress that can "steal" a pair of sizes from the real one is usually sewn from two contrasting colors of fabric, and also uses various prints and lace inserts, translucent and dense fabrics, and also use other tricks to get the desired effect.

The most common version of a "slim" dress are:

  • a sheath dress with a semi-fitted cut, a combination of red with black, black with white, blue with black and other colors;
  • with a single insert in the front of the product, prints are usually used, for example, beautiful floral motifs on the background of a monochrome image;
  • inserts from radically different material of the same or contrasting color, for example, faux leather on a dress made of cotton or thick knitwear;
  • translucent or beige inserts, sometimes with uneven edges on the sides, helping to "throw off" a few extra pounds;
  • lace inserts on the front or sides, indicating a slim and graceful silhouette.

The selection of products in fashion boutiques is truly huge. Each lady with any type of figure and silhouette features will be able to find a suitable outfit. Full women will be able to achieve the desired forms and identify the advantages of their body, reliably hiding the flaws.

The designer, who came up with this style of dress, rendered a huge service to all women without exception. Now everyone can look attractive and elegant in any situation. The main thing is to choose the right model that makes the figure slim and attractive.