A student appeared in the family? It's time to take a look at the preppy style

Autumn is a special period when students return to the educational process. And again the problem arises of comfortable and attractive clothes for classes. But if you expand the scope of the style of a modern schoolchild and student, then you can immediately become interested in such a comfortable and representative style of youth clothing as preppy . Moreover, it was precisely this fall that he returned to our lives .

The identity and features of the preppy

The history of the origin of this youth fashion began in the United States in the 50s of the twentieth century . At first, preppy was considered a subculture of only students from elite schools, most often children of wealthy and wealthy parents. Such children could be called exemplary students. Young people promoted a strict lifestyle, were aimed at success, knew how to control themselves, and also looked very reserved in appearance.

Reference. This is a universal style of clothing. Even if secondary and higher education institutions are already left behind, you should not deny yourself the pleasure of dressing as a student at the Oxford or Ivy League.

Style versatility

Comfortable, neat and elegant fashion students have now captivated the current collections of Versace, Victoria Beckham, Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. Therefore, preppy clothing is relevant not only in adolescence, but also in young and even middle age.

Reference. The real preppy style is a combination of excellent taste, elitism and neatness in clothes.

Preppy style is similar to a very popular trend in modern fashion smart casual, but has one distinctive feature. Dressing in preppy style means using clothes and accessories from well-known high-end brands.

Preppy is not only a clothing style, but also a lifestyle

Although in fairness it should be noted that following this fashion is not only the usual wearing of branded T-shirts, shirts or pumps. This is an individual style of life goals and behavior .

High school students and students who follow the preppy style, try to study well, write and speak competently, adhere to high moral standards and the right manners.

Style features

There are several characteristic features of the fashion direction:

  • Bright colors or restrained colors with slight bright accents.
  • Non-trivial color combinations, as well as ornaments in the form of cells, rhombuses or stripes.
  • Use of emblems and emblems resembling marks of educational institutions.
  • Expensive quality and textured materials such as cashmere, wool, linen or tweed.

What should be in the wardrobe in the style of preppy

Dressing in preppy fashion means looking perfect without any effort. But still, some rules for compiling a wardrobe of a young man exist. And if they are not followed, then the image will be blurry or even comical.

Wardrobe Principles

  • The main rule of the fashion direction is simplicity and rejection of items of clothing of a complex cut .
  • Representatives of the style prefer plain clothes or with a simple pattern .
  • It is better to choose conservative models .
  • Open clothing should be avoided.
  • Keep an eye on the matching of colors in clothes.
  • Pay attention to khaki skirts or trousers, which are often associated with preppy style.
  • Other main colors of the direction are white, dark blue, brown, raspberry, emerald green, burgundy, etc.
  • Patterns in preppy play an important role. A cell, a strip, a decorative ornament of a drop-shaped form, sometimes inconspicuous peas, is considered a classic.

We make a wardrobe

Fashionable students dress differently.


  • Polo T-shirts of acceptable colors.
  • Skirts "pencil", "pleated", "trapeze", straight with a smell or in a neat fold to the knee-length or slightly higher.
  • A-line dresses, fitted models, as well as options for tennis dresses.
  • Trousers of chinos, skinny, cargo models, classic jeans or classic skinny pants with arrows.
  • Classic shirts with a collar.
  • Dark denim shorts.
  • Strict options for vests, cardigans, pullovers, blazers, jumpers.
  • In the cold season, it is worth choosing classic coat options.


As for shoes, it should be natural and comfortable . The most suitable models: loafers, boots, ankle boots, neat pumps, loafers, ballet flats, oxfords or brogues, derby, top siders and so on.

Girls can wear neat sandals in the summer, preferably with a closed toe.


Equally important are accessories such as knee-high socks, leggings, strict leather belts, ties, watches and neckerchiefs.

Important! A prerequisite for the image in the style of preppy: all items of clothing should be neat, new and carefully ironed.

When choosing bags, the most suitable options are a briefcase, clutch, send, tote or backpack.

Reference. Many public people and actors (Kate Middleton, Johnny Depp, Robert Patisson and others) prefer the fashion direction in preppy style in everyday life.

Proportionality in color, restraint, harmony and excellent taste are the main requirements that apply to this trendy trend. But it’s better not to copy other people's images, but try to create your own, emphasizing the uniqueness and unobtrusive elegance.