The strangest trends of men's fashion week

The loudest displays of famous designers and fashion houses, which presented men's images for the summer season of 2020, have died down. I must say that the show turned out to be very enchanting, the audience was impressed. The look in the summer of 2020 was unusual, some of the images were striking in their frankness and originality .

What have fashion houses prepared for the summer of 2020

The experts analyzed all the collections shown and came to the conclusion that the fashion of the coming year is very different from the usual one for us now . And although the collections present on an equal footing both innovative models of clothes and sets that inspire nostalgia for the past, they all look bright and unusual.

Important! Fashion shows today are a mixture of different styles, vintage and modern, a riot of colors and a celebration of various styles.

Prada: playful layering

The show in Shanghai, contrary to fears, was very successful. For the first time, a fashion house has shown itself in all its glory away from the catwalks of Milan.

The spring-summer 2020 collection emphasized layering and playful boyish notes in outfits. Serious, classical traditions moved a little to the side, which could not but attract the audience.

Craig Green: suit or overalls?

This fashion designer considers the anatomical component of the male body to be the main source of his inspiration. He presents in his collection luxury suits and jackets, which are made of expensive and eye-catching fabrics. The show was attended by bold and practical images with large pockets and stylish embroidery, at first glance reminiscent of workwear . But at the same time they meet all the requirements of a casual suit.

Saint Laurent: mixed West and East

The show was held on Malibu Beach, and it was a truly unforgettable sight. Western and eastern traditions were mixed here.

For example, classic oriental silk harem pants go well with a simple cotton shirt. A translucent blouse looks original in combination with a wide-brimmed hat.

Looks were especially attractive in the style of Mick Jagger: short leathers on a naked body, jackets and shirts with a deep neckline that opens the chest. All these tricks did not leave the spectators indifferent.

Unexpected trends and trends of summer 2020

  • A versatile outfit for men in the summer season of 2020 will again be bright Hawaiian-style shirts with various prints . Wide light trousers with tucks are great for them. This is a great option for all occasions, useful as a daily look.

  • Do not be surprised to see that the gentleman forgot to wear a shirt. This is not true! It's just that he, or rather, his naked torso is in trend!

  • Another option is when men appear in dresses .

This is actually quite original, but maybe it’s not worth it to completely remove the differences between the sexes.

Sometimes you just don’t understand who is in front of you, man or woman. After all, the skirt is now a universal outfit that is available to men.

  • Short shorts that have become an element of a suit, including a business one, look just as ridiculous!

Fortunately, fashion has the ability to change very quickly! And therefore there is a hope that very soon these trends will go into oblivion. And the fashion designers will again present original, but quite attractive images that cannot shock the public. I want to believe that they will be courageous and emphasize all the advantages of the male figure.