Strange Japanese fashion. Extraordinary skirts of Japanese women

Japan is an extremely interesting country for almost any tourist from Russia or Europe. However, Japan is an amazing country for Asia, because this region is characterized by high religiosity and conservatism. Despite this, many residents of the Land of the Rising Sun prefer very unusual clothes.

This becomes especially obvious when it comes to the younger generation. Girls, whose age is hardly 18 years old, are very fond of shocking others with their clothes. For this, skirts are the best fit. Just about them and will be discussed. What are they and why are they so loved in Japan?

Fancy skirts

It is difficult to find a more versatile wardrobe element. The thing is that they allow you to show your personality. In addition, they can be so different that, sometimes, you are even amazed. What types of clothes are especially popular and why?

Skirt with a picture (transparency effect)

One of the most shocking types of such clothing is skirts with a pattern and transparency effect. It seems like she is really transparent, because underneath you can see the underwear. In fact, this is not so at all. The thing is that on this element of the wardrobe you can see the print, which is made to look like underwear. This is the whole secret of the popularity of "transparent" models among Japanese youth.

Hikaru skirt

Such a model will surely be appreciated by those who love neon light. Neon backlighting is something new. It is difficult to recall at least one modern designer who could come up with something similar. In fact, such models are not intended for everyday life, although no one forbids using them in this way. Most often, they are needed for “going out” and in order to attract attention. That is why many people prefer this outfit to classic outfits that look too boring and even dull.

Lolita skirt

Clothing in this style is a standard of beauty for many young girls in Japan and South Korea. The thing is that she not only looks very frankly, but is also quite practical. Such an item of clothing can be worn almost constantly. In addition, a model in a similar style has already become something of a modern classic. She is preferred not only by schoolgirls and students, but women who are already far over 30 years old.

REFERENCE. The reason for this popularity is simple: a frank appearance, practicality and a tribute to fashion. In particular, many sincerely believe that it is not worth wearing obsolete things.

Such clothes can be called frank, because it is intended, inter alia, to seduce a man. Many women use it for this. In addition, its cost is much less than the cost of linen from specialized stores of erotic clothing.

Schoolgirl skirt

The skirt of schoolgirls in Japan is the standard for any other revealing outfit. Despite the “talking” name, these models are used not only by schoolgirls. What is the secret of the popularity of this clothing? These are very sexy and candid models. They favorably emphasize the figure and become an ideal means for seduction. It is not surprising that they can often be seen in frank or even erotic films. Moreover, the skirt of schoolgirls became popular not only in Japan, but also far beyond its borders. Even in Western Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, they were very welcome. They immediately got a lot of fans, the number of which every year becomes more and more.

Custom colors and prints of Japanese skirts

Japan is the perfect place for those who like experimenting. This applies not only to appliances or the kitchen, but also to clothes. Many elements of the wardrobe in Japan have a very unusual color combination. What color can be called the most non-standard, but at the same time quite popular? It is the acid green and pink colors that have become really popular in recent years. The acid green color is designed to attract attention.

This is not surprising, because with this color you can attract attention even to the most ordinary thing. When it comes to pink, the question arises: why is it unusual? The thing is that this color can have many shades. For example, saturated pink looks not only gentle. It is also very bright.

The topic of prints deserves special attention. Quite often, characters from anime are used as prints. Also in Japan they like to make prints with the image of fantastically living creatures. It could be a dragon or just some kind of monster. In addition, prints can simulate the effect of transparency. If necessary, then manufacturers can even make a print based on the wishes of the customer.