The Story of Men's Boots and Divorce

Marriage and family are not easy. They require endurance and understanding on the part of both partners. It happens that something unusual happens and thoughts immediately get into your head: “That's it, I'm tired, it's time to get a divorce.” Has this ever happened? How can spouses keep warm, learn how to sympathize and help each other in difficult life situations? The story of Deirdre Sanford will help answer this question.

What is this story?

Deirdre was in seventh heaven when she got married. Her beloved husband helped her and supported her in all endeavors.

But then their life turned into a routine: two children, the work of her husband, the household ... The woman did not work, so she spent all her time on cleaning, cooking, grooming and playing with children. She got so tired that even more often in the evenings she began to seek help from her husband. Each time he answered the same thing: "I was terribly tired at work, I have enough strength only to sit and play with the children."

With each similar answer, Deirdre grew more and more. After the last quarrel, the woman firmly decided that it was time for her to divorce this selfish person who thinks only of himself.

Why did she change her mind?

In order to somehow drown out the insult, the heroine went to mop the hallway. Rearranging her boots to get to the corner, she was dumbfounded. On the husband’s new shoes, which the woman bought him no more than a week ago, wiped holes gaped ... It looked as if he stomped the road in them for at least six months.

Deirdre burst into tears with shame and self-pity, as she realized that her husband had never lied to her about how much she was exhausted at work. He was tired no less than herself. After this incident, the woman changed her mind about divorcing her beloved and began to treat him with great understanding and sympathy.

A look at life: when you need to think a solution a hundred times

Sanford’s family history once again showed us that family is hard work. You can never make decisions in a hurry, the best way to solve a problem is to sit quietly and discuss everything that worries . You cannot blame a partner for insensibility and selfishness if you behave yourself in this way.