Storage of towels in the bathroom

Sometimes in residential premises, where it is very crowded, people try to create optimal conditions for storing things, bedding and bath accessories. With a modest amount of free space, you have to place towels in the bathroom. But how to rationally locate their location so that it is convenient and comfortable. Our tips will help you solve this problem.

What form is better to store?

It depends on where and how you will contain them. We know that for daily hygiene, each member of the family needs three towels. One of them is for hands and face, which should be changed every day. The second - for the legs is used no more than three days, and the third - for taking a bath or shower is intended for two or three uses . After you have wiped them off, they must be left unfolded on a dryer or hooks.

Spare clean textiles are stacked or rolled up. We will consider all storage options and decide which method is more acceptable for us.

Bathroom Towel Storage Options

For a good appearance and a pleasant aroma, various sachets and fresheners are used. But this is not enough if damp and fungus settled in your bath. You can create the right conditions for the constant presence of linen only in a well-ventilated, dry, with excellent ventilation room . If your bathroom meets all these parameters, then there are several ideas for storage.

In a special basket

Original decor item, stylish and comfortable. It is made from vines, rattan, bamboo, plastic materials. It fits perfectly into any interior, can be placed on a shelf, stand or on the floor, if the area allows. Towels in it are better to roll up with a roller, so it fits more and is convenient to get out without turning the whole bunch.

On wooden shelves

The classic option, most preferred in any home. Open or closed shelves allow you to keep towels folded horizontally or rolled up. Departments in narrow racks or suspended air shelves under the ceiling look pretty neat and do not take up much space.

On hooks or brackets on the door

There are towels that were already in use. A wonderful idea for small bathrooms with a shower. In order not to drill many holes in the wall or door, you can fix the metal railing with hooks . This will give an excellent opportunity to place a towel in the unfolded form or hang it by a loop on a hook.

There are hooks of a unique design, after removal of which holes remain invisible to the eye at the attachment point. Or plastic, fixed with double-sided tape. There are more advanced sliding designs, they can be installed anywhere.

On a shelf under the sink

Towels located on it in several folds are always at hand in a neat pile. It happens both single-tier, and two-tier. Open or closed, depending on the layout, which allows you to use the empty space under the sink, as well as save space.

Racks and racks

Beautiful and modern, but also functional. Sometimes they come in doubles or separately. In addition, they are used as supports for soap and detergents and other small things. Available in a modern and vintage style.

Open niches

Tiled or finished with wood with open horizontal surfaces, serve as a shelf or cabinet. You can place on them hygiene items, candles and bath textiles.

What can you do for the bathroom with your own hands?

In the repair process, you can immediately plan a niche. It is quite easy and simple to carry out using moisture-proof drywall. Sticking on double-sided tape hooks is also not difficult. Racks and shelves are sold in stores in a huge assortment.

If you can weave from a rope or newspapers, then it costs you nothing to create containers for linen. A few pieces will contain shampoos, conditioners, gels and towels. It is quite affordable to realize your ideas and fantasies in the interesting placement of any towel devices. We hope our article inspired you to transform and improve the interior of one of the important rooms of your home.