As a stock we buy clothes more expensive

You always want to save on buying things, so people often pay attention to the magic word '' Promotion ''. Many are specifically waiting for grand sales or Black Friday to purchase discounted clothing and shoes. Few people think that the purchase of things on the stock makes buyers overpay for the goods.

How we are being deceived by selling for stocks

To attract buyers, store owners go to many tricks. No store will operate at a loss, and the more money, the better. Therefore, it is not worth hoping that you are very lucky to buy a good thing at a low cost.

Often, before declaring a promotion for a particular type of product, stores deliberately overstate the real cost of clothing. And when a person makes a purchase at a discount, it turns out he acquires a thing at its real price. Many stores use double price tags for trading. On one price tag, the price of the goods and the value at a discount are indicated, but when buying at the checkout it turns out that clothes or shoes of a certain size are sold at a discount.

How sellers use psychological techniques

In pursuit of profit, shops come up with various tricks. In order not to fall into the trap of mythical discounts, you need to know the main ones:

  • A sales outlet announces a promotion, although it offers one or more types of items at a discount. Many people go to the store, hoping to save money. Well, until they find out what the discount is for, they will buy something at a real cost. This move only works to attract customers. It’s not all, but someone will spend money in this store anyway.
  • Interesting offers to buy several items at a reduced cost attract buyers. As a result, having acquired several unnecessary items of clothing, a person receives a discount of 5-10 rubles. It turns out that he not only did not save, but overpaid for excess goods.
  • Often in stores, price tags for goods are specifically confused. Inattentive people look at the price, which is located directly under the goods. When determining the actual value at the checkout, not everyone refuses to purchase.

Note! When buying a product with a discount, you must carefully consider the price tag for the product, for sure you will read additional information there, and change your mind to make a purchase.

How not to be cheated

Many buyers do not even think about what they actually overpay for the goods. When visiting sales, you should adhere to some rules under which you will not be deceived:

  • You should always carefully read the price tags, exactly where it is written in small print.
  • If you carefully look at and touch the price tag, you can see the old price under it. If the previous cost for the goods is really higher, then you can safely purchase your favorite piece of clothing.
  • When a store offers to buy several similar items at a discount, first find out the cost of that item, and calculate approximately your savings.

In order to really save on the purchase of things, we must try to buy them not from the beginning of the season. So summer clothes of good quality and at a reduced price can be purchased at the end of summer. The same goes for winter clothes. So you definitely won’t overpay, at this time stores try to get rid of goods that are losing relevance faster in order to buy clothes for the new season.

It’s psychologically easier for people to part with money on sales. After all, few people think about the real benefits. If you carefully approach new acquisitions, then you will never be deceived.