Stickers on the feet instead of slippers

Slippers on the beach or in the pool? They are already out of date! I present to you an Italian novelty - stickers on the feet. They are hygienic and very practical. I’ll tell you more about this new product.

Originally from the shores of sunny Italy

An Italian designer and part-time engineer named Sabato Alterio created unique stickers that stick to the foot. Italians have a desire for natural beauty in their blood, their women are considered the measure of style and the standard of European fashion, so their choice should definitely not be ignored!

The coast of Italy is at least 7500 km long! Therefore, the country has developed a culture of beach holidays, each coastal city lures crowds of tourists to resorts.

NakeFit was an invention that led to a revision of beach fashion. Now you do not need to choose slippers to the color of a swimsuit and pareo, just look for a convenient pair of stickers.

What's the secret

In their appearance, they resemble rubber insoles. The adhesive surface allows you to securely attach them to the foot, and the thickness will not let burn on hot sand. The idea is simple and brilliant! From the side it looks like a person walks barefoot, enjoying direct contact with nature. The outsole feels like suede to the touch; there are small bumps for better contact with the ground.

They stick very well, so you need to carry out the procedure carefully so as not to redo it. If you try to remove them immediately, it will be a little painful! In the process of wearing, people note that the insole does not stretch and retains its shape.

New Benefits

I have collected all the advantages of NakeFit, and then I will bring the disadvantages found to demonstrate the curiosity of the Italian coast.

  1. Unlike slippers, they will not get lost. Indeed, wasn’t there such a case when you come out of the water, but there are no slippers? Or the owner is waiting for only one lonely slipper, and the second instance, most likely, is already floating on the expanses of the sea, carried away by the waves.
  2. Stickers do not need to be removed! Glue and walk until the evening. Convenient, right?
  3. I especially want to emphasize: sand does not get between the sticker and the foot. Who doesn’t know this feeling when you get out of the water and wash your feet for a long time? And when do we walk along the beach? The ubiquitous sand crammed into flaps and rubbed his feet. Now, due to the tight fit to the foot, we get rid of discomfort.
  4. A kind of aesthetics. They give the gait lightness, there is no need to correct anything.
  5. It can be used on the beach, in the forest, in the field, on a picnic, in the country or even in the pool.
  6. Products are completely hygienic, individual and are used only once.
  7. Protect feet from shards of glass, hot earth and prickly grass.
  8. Their legs do not sweat, the skin is well ventilated.

So, I counted a lot of advantages, but what about the disadvantages?

What could be done better

Many sources where NakeFit is sold claim that the ingenious novelty protects against cuts, skin diseases, burns and even insects. But is it?

  1. Of course, our sole will not touch the floor tiles in the pool, bath or sauna, which have long been recognized as the main sources of fungal diseases of the nails. But no one guarantees full sterility, we can still touch the tile with a bare limb, the stickers, unlike slippers, are very thin.
  2. It’s enough for a couple of hours, you won’t go through all day, you will need a replacement.
  3. The price is higher than rubber slippers, and you can use it only once.

NakeFit is a worthy novelty that has the right to exist, but, from an economic point of view, the family budget will definitely not save.


The stickers are nice to walk on the grass and the beach. Some buyers even tried to drive a car and noted that it was very comfortable. Insoles do not stretch, do not slip, it is convenient to move around in stickers. It feels like walking barefoot, but with protection from the troubles hidden in the grass or sand. Of course, a thin sticker will not save you from a huge fragment of glass and you can’t walk on hot coals in them, but you can use it on vacation within reasonable limits! It will not be enough for the whole day, only for one trip to the sea there and back.

Novelty has the right to life, but is it worth it to buy, it's up to you!