Stars worn mini after 50

Mini-skirts are considered one of the most controversial components of a women's wardrobe. For some girls, they are clothes for all occasions, while others put on a mini for the last time in kindergarten. There are many rules and prohibitions that indicate how you can wear miniskirts, but not how. However, as practice shows, in most cases no one listens to them.

One of the most obvious and logical prohibitions on wearing skirts, whose length does not fall below the knee line, is age. Such a wardrobe item is especially inappropriate for those who are already over 50. Be that as it may, many women, even those who belong to the Balzac age category, allow themselves to flaunt with bare knees and even hips. .

Foreign celebrities wearing mini

Among the popular actresses and singers living abroad, most often in a miniskirt you can find:

  1. Brigitte Macron. Who, if not the wife of the President of France, should set an example around her appearance? However, Madame Macron had forgotten that she was already well over 50 and she had a short skirt, to put it mildly, not only not in status, but also not in figure.
  2. Julia Roberts. Beauty Roberts recently celebrated her fiftieth anniversary, but her age almost did not affect the chic forms of the actress. Roberts often wears a mini, but should give her credit, she does it very worthily. Julia puts on short skirts only in her free time from work and social events.
  3. Madonna Madonna's age has long been approaching 60 years, but this does not bother her at all. The singer wears not only shocking mini, but also naked dresses, overalls and other shocking clothes. Moreover, she chooses bold images not only for the stage, but also for everyday life.
  4. Cher. Singer with a chic timbre of Cher's voice is an excellent example of a saying about gray hair in a beard. With age, she began to dress much more openly than at 30 years old. Does others like it? Cher, that doesn't seem to interest.
  5. Chris Gener The mother of the star family Kardashian can not boast of an ideal figure, but does not refuse to wear miniskirts. In fact, this does not always look appropriate and successful, but that’s why it’s a teledive, everything is possible for her.

Domestic stars in miniskirts

Among the representatives of the Russian showbiz, one can also distinguish several of the most in love with mini “mature” stars:

  1. Alla Pugacheva. Even having exchanged the seventh dozen, the Primadonna remains true to her style - bare legs under a short miniskirt. It is worth paying tribute to her that Alla Borisovna lost weight well, thanks to which the mini is very to her face, or rather, to her legs.
  2. Lolita The incomparable Lolita Milyavskaya is the darling of all Russian women and an example that complexes are superfluous. The figure of Lolita changed as often as the weather in the spring, but in most cases, excess weight still took place. Despite this, dresses and skirts of an extremely short length never left her wardrobe, either stage or casual.
  3. Valeria. Adhering to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, singer Valeria demonstrates with her example that even in 50 years you can wear a short and tight-fitting one. The slender, inflated body and Valeria's beautiful long legs are a clear example of this.
  4. Irina Bezrukova. The figure of the miniature and fragile actress Irina Bezrukova can be envied by many women and even girls. Mini on Bezrukova sits just great.
  5. Larisa Dolina. Singer Larisa Dolina has a chic voice, but with taste she has obvious problems. Stage costumes in the spirit of "expensive, rich" and prohibitively short mini-skirts very spoil the image and appearance of the Valley of Ten that has long been exchanged for a long time.

Mini-skirts go to someone at the age of 50, and for some, a taboo at 20. Mini-skirts are a rather complicated type of clothing that you can not wear everywhere and not always. To compile a successful “bow”, it is necessary to carefully consider each of its components and analyze whether the mini will be appropriate in it. As an example, you can take the stars, however, in most cases it is not worth complying with them.