Stars who do not know how to wear heels

The stars walk along the red carpet in 20-centimeter high heels as if slippers were shod on them. But in reality, they hate stilettos and consider it a cost to the profession, and some even a curse.

Which star doesn't know how to wear high heel shoes

Star status does not yet indicate that a woman is obliged to love luxurious dresses and stilettos. Among the stars there are many women who do not know how to walk in heels and dress up.

From domestic

Leading Daria Subbotina is a fan of comfortable shoes. She says: “I am not one of those girls who get up on high stilettos in the morning. If possible, I will wear sneakers all day. To be honest, slippers are my favorite shoe. ”

The concert outfits of the female group “Shiny” correspond to the name of the group. On stage, the girls look sexy and bright. But in ordinary life they prefer a comfortable style. Marina Berezhnaya and Nadia Ruchka do not part with sneakers. Berezhnaya says that if she decides to put on stilettos, they must be steady and with a wide foot.

Evelina Bledans loves to drive a car, and puts on heels only on the red carpet. Therefore, her choice is comfortable and convenient shoes. The JOG DOG "Dutiks" in which you can walk all day on the street and not freeze, do not get tired, share with the hostess a passion for driving, skiing, going to the rink.

From foreign

Foreign stars who don't like hairpins:

  1. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Sisters designers prefer to dress in the style of bohemian chic, with which sharp 15-centimeter heels do not fit in any way. Therefore, as a rule, they wear shoes with a flat sole or with a small heel.
  2. Kristin Stewart. Stuart basically has an androgynous style, but the designers of the star absolutely do not take into account her preferences, as well as the expressed advantages of the figure (for example, long attractive legs). More often she is dressed in strange-cut dresses and forced to wear uncomfortable and thin heels. At the Venice festival, Kristin could not stand it and threw off the “louboutins” in the hall, which was immediately shot by photographers.
  3. Jessica Parker For most people, smiling Parker is still associated with a brilliant game as Carrie Bradshaw. Her heroine spent all the money on shoes and, even sometimes, it seems that she was physically unable to walk in sneakers. But Jessica directly shoes shoes only for social parties, on ordinary days, preferring “uggs” and sneakers.

Stars on a heel: a photo of casual moments

It turns out the beauty and actress Monica Bellucci is completely unable to dress. Most often, she wears boring, slightly old-fashioned clothes. However, the main mistake is shoes on a large platform, which went out of fashion more than a dozen years ago. These shoes make the foot more voluminous, the foot wide, and this greatly spoils the image.

If a high hairpin looks sexy and attractive, and a low “shot glass” looks coquettish and elegant, then the middle heel looks ridiculous, giving an incomplete look. These shoes are very fond of Vanessa Paradis with their daughter Lily Rose, and they look just awful.

Almost every woman in the wardrobe has shoes that she puts on for more than a year and is very pleased. Usually they are comfortable and, according to their owner, suitable for any outfit. Kate Beckinsale also has these shoes, the actress has been wearing her favorite shoes for over 12 years, even with a tracksuit. But they look already very outdated.

Attention! The most terrible wardrobe combination on actress Natalie Portman. She wore a leopard dress with black stockings and red shoes.

No matter how fashionable the shoes and expensive dress, they always look first of all at shoes that pull legs that have swollen during pregnancy, as happened with Kim Kardashian.

The same can be said about high-heeled shoes that distort the gait, or sandals from which fingers fall out.