Stars that went too far with the frankness or size of a swimsuit

Everyone loves to relax, whether it be world-class stars or ordinary people. With the start of the beach season, celebrities are increasingly becoming “victims” of the paparazzi. Bathing suits do not always differ in beauty and sexuality: very often they set “perfect” stars from Instagram photos in a bad light. We will talk about the most terrible swimwear in celebrity in today's article.

Swivel star outings in swimsuits

The main task of a swimsuit as a wardrobe item is not to be the most fashionable, but to sit well on a figure, emphasize advantages and hide flaws . It is quite difficult to hide the latter on a naked body, therefore, a bathing suit should be selected carefully enough. Many foreign and Russian stars in this matter have suffered great setbacks.

Irina Shayk

In order to perfectly tan, it is not necessary to wear a mini bikini, which is also small in the chest. Beauty Irina Shayk once neglected this rule.

Nicole Coco Austin

Nicole is not shy of her body and actively draws attention to silicone breasts and hips, so she chooses only the smallest bikinis. How the model does not lose them while swimming is a mystery.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey managed to highlight the shortcomings with an inappropriate bathing suit. The terrible jumper in front did not hide, but only more strongly focused on the protruding tummy.

Lena Dunham

Lena should listen to an important piece of advice - a swimsuit should always be sized. When the bikini crashes into the sides and hips, it looks like it was borrowed from a younger sister.

Lady Gaga

The scandalous Lady Gaga prefers to be simpler on vacation, so she once chose a knitted bikini. From the side it seemed as if it was sewn from a grandmother's string bag.


Keisha has a figure without a pronounced waist with a heavy bottom. To fix this feature, you should try on a one-piece swimsuit with small cutouts on the sides and visually make the waist narrower. Instead, the singer turned the figure into an even more rectangular one.

Natalya Sturm

The Russian singer is not afraid of bright images, so for a beach holiday she chooses only the most challenging bathing suits. One of them almost completely consists of a translucent mesh. It seems to us, or after fifty need to be more modest?

Anastasia Volochkova

The Russian ballerina has excellent dance data and a stretch (which is worth the crown “twine” in a swimsuit!), But her figure has certain features: broad shoulders and very narrow hips . Anastasia always chooses swimwear that deliberately emphasizes these features: mini-triangles on thin ties only draw attention to the non-standard figure.

Uma Thurman

The actress donned a swimsuit not the most successful for her own figure. Wide panties made her already narrow hips even narrower, but on the whole the body, tightened for her age, began to look flat.

Tess Holliday

American plus-size model Tess Holliday is not shy about her parameters and promotes love for her body. However, we would advise the girl not to get involved and not to emphasize the extra pounds with a swimsuit with many straps. A completely enclosed swimsuit would have looked much more aesthetically pleasing.

Sarah barrett

Sarah chose a nice knitted bikini of deep wine color for relaxation, but did not think about the fact that the top does not quite fit her size. Not the best way to show your breasts to the public.

Lindsey Lohan

This beach exit Lindsay can not be called successful. It seems that the girl has not visited the gym for a long time and decided to cover her body with a closed swimsuit. The set looks like some kind of outfit for the wedding night: a translucent body and lace knickers are not suitable for the beach. After bathing, they got wet and began to look just awful: they stuck to the skin and emphasized its flabbiness.

Amber rose

American actress Amber Rose boasts lush and feminine body shapes, but not a sense of style in choosing swimwear. All of her bikinis are usually three microscopic pieces of fabric that we would not recommend swimming in: they simply would not survive.

Tara Reid

In recent years, Tara has lost a lot of weight, and therefore there is a problem of sagging skin. And silicone breasts no longer look so attractive. In this case, the girl should have chosen a closed swimsuit, but Reid preferred an open bikini with a very low waistline.

Donatella Versace

Donatella does not spare her skin and takes sun baths to the state of "fried chicken." The designer is not afraid to even sunbathe topless on a crowded beach, so she’s not soared about a beautiful bikini in principle.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Once the paparazzi caught Sarah in a strange set: it seemed that the actress put on the top and bottom from different sets of sports underwear. Perhaps this was the idea of ​​the image.

Stella McCartney

Designer Stella McCartney appreciates her work, so she often wears swimwear of her own production. The problem is that some of them (for example, the one with slits on the stomach) look better on more slender models.

Aubrey O'Day

The glamor queen Aubrey decided to dress up on the beach as if for a fashion party. A green-colored bikini with lots of ruffles combined with a perfect hairstyle and make-up on a beach vacation looks strange and inappropriate.

Kim Kardashian

Kim loves to show the figure of the paparazzi, so she puts on only open swimwear. Sometimes a girl surpasses herself - the transparent mesh top impressed not only Kanye, but also most of the men on the planet. We believe that it looks very common.

Jim carrey

And the cherry on the cake - charming Jim Carrey in a women's swimsuit! The actor is not afraid to experiment with images, but in this case, he probably lost the argument to someone.