Stars that shouldn't have appeared in cargo pants

The prototype of cargo trousers is the British military uniform of the Second World War. They are pants with straight trousers and a large variety of pockets . At the same time , the presence of patch pockets-valves located on the sides in the thigh area is mandatory .

Both men and women can have such a thing in their wardrobe. Moreover, the popularity of the model is constantly growing.

But this is a rather capricious model, and not on every figure it will look good. This becomes apparent if you look at some of our idols.

Celebrities who need to give up cargo

These clothes require careful and prudent selection. In this case, mainly trousers are selected according to the characteristics of the physique. But many stars forget about this important factor, and as a result do not look the best way.

Kim Kardashian

The famous American actress and model loves to stand out from the crowd and draw attention to her lush hips. But with cargo, she got into trouble.

In this case , two details worked against it at once: large patch pockets and camouflage colors.

Reference! Pockets visually increased the already rather large volume, and the color made the figure shapeless.

Courtney and Chloe Kardashian

Her sisters are probably comfortable in such pants, but isn’t it better to choose a different model?

Gwen Stefani

Another famous American woman prefers a low-waist cargo variation . This does not really color her figure. Look at the photo, this model clearly violates the proportions of the figure of the actress.

It makes the upper part larger than the lower, which affects the general aesthetic perception of the stellar image.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston made the same mistake. She also wore low-waist pants that would have looked actual ten years ago.

And in this case, the error was aggravated by the color scheme used : an aggressive black top and a light, pastel tone bottom.


The American singer is a very effective woman! But sometimes she is mistaken when choosing clothes.

About her outfit, you can say in one word: " too much." Too much volume, too bright color! And as a result - an almost square figure and an underlined line of the tummy in the area of ​​the belt.

How to wear cargo pants so you don’t repeat the mistakes of the stars

The main rule when choosing cargo trousers is to build on the type of figure of the future owner.

Choose pants according to the figure

  • Wide pants can balance the proportions of the figure in the form of an inverted triangle .

    This thing will give not only the necessary volume of the lower body, but also add to the whole appearance of tenderness and femininity.

  • Women with lush hips should avoid wide models and plenty of patch pockets. The most suitable variation for them is narrow trousers with the necessary minimum of decor .

Reference! The most profitable is the model with flap pockets located in the lower thigh.

  • For a figure "apple" cargo with a high waist will be suitable.

Attention! Be sure to supplement such a model with a belt.

  • Hourglass figures are also contraindicated in volumetric models. Their option is tight-fitting pants with a minimum number of pockets .

What to wear

In addition to the correct choice of your style, special attention should be paid to competent combination with other elements of the outfit .

On every day

For everyday use, this style is best suited. After all, its main range is very calm: sandy, gray, beige, khaki.

It is enough to supplement the outfit with a T-shirt, top, sweater and jacket of restrained design, and you can go for a walk

On a date

Combining cargo and a silk blouse or an openwork blouse, you will get an outfit in a romantic style. Turtlenecks designed in this style are also suitable.

Black leather jacket and beautiful jewelry (beads, chain with a pendant, necklace) or a silk scarf will help to give the look a finished look.

Attention! For a romantic look, high-heeled shoes or platform shoes are required.

Sporty style

The easiest way to create a sports outfit with this thing. A simple T-shirt, cargo pants, sneakers - and the corresponding image is ready!

Combinations for camouflage trousers

Since camouflage cargoes are the most popular model today, it is worth considering combinations with them separately.

Reference! Their popularity is primarily due to the ability to hide small flaws of physique with the help of coloring.

The most suitable for combining with them will be things in a monophonic scale, especially white or black. Never use a camouflage top ! This will oversaturate the appearance of paints. Any shoes can be used: sandals or high-heeled shoes, berets or sneakers, and so on.