Stars on shopping. Who is dressed?

We are used to seeing the perfect celebrities in the movies, on Instagram photos, at social events. We rarely think that in fact they are just ordinary people like us. They have everyday worries: to meet friends, go shopping, take a walk with the child. In real life, stylists rarely pick out outfits for the stars: they put on what they have in their wardrobe. Today we will learn how celebrities dress when they go shopping.

How do celebrities dress when they go shopping?

Stars in everyday life try to dress so that they are comfortable and comfortable. For some of them, it is important that they are not recognized by numerous fans and paparazzi. There are exceptions to this rule: many Hollywood beauties even go to the nearest boutique in full dress.

Halle Berry

See: Holly bought groceries for the whole family. To go to the store, she chose a long knitted skirt that does not hinder movement, comfortable flat-sandals and a gray jumper. Pay attention to the inscription: "Happy is the new black." Hint that the classic is not a little black dress, but a smile on his face. We fully support Holly: a sweet smile perfectly emphasized her modest monochrome look.

Kim Kardashian

Kim even goes shopping with a full parade. You rarely see her in something that does not fit her outstanding forms: she is faithful to this style even in everyday life. A star in fashion boutiques is found on high stilettos. Kardashian definitely has superpowers, otherwise how can you stand the many-hour shopping trips in boats or open heeled sandals?

Paris Hilton

"Blonde in Chocolate" loves to shop and does it very often, so the paparazzi constantly catch her with branded packages. Paris goes shopping in full dress and never forgets about the many fashion accessories. This time she put on a leopard-print hat. Often cameras find her in labootens or in glamorous mini skirts.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo does not like it when numerous fans recognize him, so when shopping with friends he prefers to remain incognito. Its main “tricks” are a cap with a long visor and dark glasses. On particularly successful days, DiCaprio puts on a hood over this set. In everyday life, he does not like elaborate clothes, so he prefers a comfortable sweatshirt, shorts and sneakers.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer has an exquisite taste, so she looks great not only on the red carpet. The actress prefers simplicity and convenience, so on the streets she can often be found in boyfriend jeans, a plain t-shirt and sports shoes. Aniston's real passion is a variety of scarves, so on cool days she necessarily complements her image with them.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese does not like to stand out, so she chooses the simple things that most women wear. The actress loves femininity and rarely cheats on comfortable skirts, and in shoes prefers sandals with thick, stable heels. An important component of her everyday look is a shopping bag to fit all purchases.

Angelina Jolie

The actress is known for her love of black, so she walks for products in a black dress in the floor and a classic jacket. On the face - a minimum of makeup, the hair lies in light waves. At first glance, the image has nothing to catch on, but Angelina looks wonderful even in the simplest clothes.

Irina Shayk

In everyday life, the style of the model is no different from the appearance of most young girls around the world. Irina loves simple T-shirts and skinny jeans, and throws on top a fashionable jacket or cardigan. She pays a lot of attention to shoes, which should be modern and comfortable. This time, Shake put on her sneakers with a hidden platform. This is a great option that lengthens the already beautiful legs, but does not cause discomfort.

Ashley Tisdale

The actress used the favorite technique of many American fashionistas. The girl combines a light dress with rude cowboy-style boots. Ashley puts them on even bare feet in the hot season. Cool sunglasses with mirrored glasses complement the look.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The star of “Sex and the City”, even in the simplest things, looks attractive and sexy. Sarah skillfully combines blue straight jeans and a plain jumper with feminine sandals on a small platform. Shoes wonderfully refreshed the image, and men really really like this style.

Charlize Theron

To find out in this girl actress Charlize Theron, you need to try very hard. For a walk, she chose a casual look from a small check shirt and skinny jeans. On the legs - comfortable converse, in the hands - a big bag. We must not forget about glasses, otherwise an unplanned photo shoot cannot be avoided. Such is the life of celebrities!