Stars put on wide rims: learning to follow fashion

To make the image look complete, it is not enough to choose the right outfit; you still need to take care of the hairstyle and decorate it with decorative elements. Everyone knows that fashion is cyclical, and today wide rims are again in trend . They originally complement any set and look stylish and unusual.

Wide rims - 2019 trend

Who would have thought that wide rims would be fashionable again! And this spring, many fashion houses complemented the hairstyles of their models with this hair accessory. And each time the girls looked very stylish and unusual, despite the fact that we had already seen it somewhere.


The most noticeable and bright were several types of rims.

  • Satin. Products of bright colors conquered the audience at the show of the spring-summer 2019 collection from Prada .

  • Stricter velvet was seen at the Alessandra Rich shows.

  • Accessories made from two tapes complemented the classic outfits in the Christian Dior collection.

  • Wide headbands decorated with natural feathers and large beads. Such original accessories were used at shows from Simone Rocha .

Important! Today you can afford any madness in the image. A wide rim on the hair can be decorated with small rhinestones and beads, and may differ in decor from large sequins or even feathers.

As for the material, the rims can be made of durable and flexible plastic, fabric, as well as other types of materials. Any of them will look attractive.

DIY fashion accessory

Someone "in the chests" may have left a collection of wide rims of the school pore, back in the 90s of the last century. You can safely take cuts of bright fabrics, for example, velvet, satin or silk, arm yourself with scissors and needles with thread, as well as various decorative elements. Large beads, sequins, feathers are suitable, you can use embroidery or sew a special patch. Fantasy fashionistas can fly without stopping.

Which bezel to choose: learning from celebrities

Stars, thanks to the efforts of stylists, are always dressed in the latest fashion. Hairstyles and accessories originally complement their looks, make them more attractive and vibrant.

Important! Wide rims for several seasons in a row have been a significant accessory for many celebrities.

Let's see how celebrities wear headbands. Their example can be the basis for your image.

The most famous ladies are ardent admirers of these head ornaments.

Kate Middleton

A person from the royal family is always not averse to complement her outfit with a wide rim to match. And I must say that these accessories go very well to the mother of the heirs to the British throne.

Eva Mendes

A bright girl, an actress with a memorable appearance, prefers wide rims of fabric with jewelry in the form of flowers.

I note that such an accessory is very suitable for its exotic appearance.

Charlize Theron

The actress chooses classic wide bezels decorated with stones and beads . They add alongside elegance and appeal.

Katy Perry

In combination with the bewitching dark eyes of the singer, the wide bezel, decorated with flowers from multi-colored beads, looks very original and bright.

Paris Hilton

The rich heiress loves to adorn herself with rims.

In her collection you can find a variety of models: from simple, fabric, to decorated with precious stones. In each of them, the girl looks like a queen.

Gwen Stefani

The girl always loved to shock the audience. The wide rim, decorated with large flowers, was very remembered by the fans. Subsequently, she repeatedly used this accessory for her outings.

Important! You need to select a wide rim, always considering the type of face. This will allow you to achieve harmony in the image and not spoil your own appearance with an inappropriate accessory.

After shopping, today you can find a huge assortment of hair jewelry. Headbands look great on various face types and are suitable for almost any occasion . So feel free to go to the store if your arsenal does not yet have this fashion accessory.