Stars in hoodies: how celebrities wear hoodies

There is nothing more convenient than hoodies and hoodies! They are worn equally often by girls and boys. Show business stars and famous actors are no exception. They wear sports sweatshirts literally everywhere, combining them with bomber jackets, oversized jackets and other wardrobe items.

Reasons for the popularity of hoodies

A sweatshirt is a type of sweatshirt that today is in the wardrobe of almost every girl. Star persons are no exception. Models Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, singer Selena Gomez and many other celebrities have many hoodies and create attractive bows with them every day.

A variety of models helps every person to find their own version for every day.

  • Classic In the standard version, this is a warm, free-cut jacket, which can have pockets and a hood, and a wired zipper is also allowed. The product can be decorated with applique or bright embroidery. Wear it comfortably with classic jeans or sweatpants. This makes it possible to use a sweatshirt as a sportswear or outfit for trips to nature.
  • Hoody. An indispensable attribute of this product is the hood. The sweater is also equipped with trapezoid pockets and a zipper. At the same time, the clasp is not always through, sometimes a kangaroo pocket is located under it. Elongated models can easily be passed off as a warm everyday jacket or replaced with a raincoat.
  • Sweatshirt . Simple, soft and comfortable jacket, something between a sweater and a T-shirt. It is comfortable to wear, perfectly complements any everyday wardrobe and does not require additional care. The fastener on the product is usually absent, and the pocket is most often made in the form of a “kangaroo”.
  • Bomber. The trendy model today differs from the classic version of the sweatshirt with a zipper or buttons, and also has a stand-up collar. For women, bombers sew from a variety of materials and complement them with embroideries, appliqués and other decorative elements.

Important! Most Russian and foreign stars in everyday life prefer to dress discreetly so as not to shock others and not be too noticeable. Bombs and sweatshirts do their job, helping the stars look like ordinary people.

This and not only explains the unprecedented popularity of this wardrobe item. Hoodies are very comfortable and pleasant to the body, they are easy to wear, picking up your favorite things in the kit. And also it is not difficult to care for them. Hoodies are usually sewn from practical fabrics that are easy to clean and wash.

Hoodies that stars love

Most of the stars confidently combine the sporty style of sweatshirts with the original sandals or high-heeled shoes belonging to the classic wardrobe. And some simply prefer to dress sporty to go to the store or for a walk with the children.

Let's see how celebrities look used to wearing hoodies in casual attire.

Kim Kardashian

Confidence girls in their own person can be envied! She can put on a sweatshirt even at some event, combining it with ripped jeans and shoes on a tall "hairpin".

Taylor swift

Prefers a free urban style in everyday life. True, her sweatshirts cost a fortune! But fans can always find something like this in online boutiques.

Bella Hadid

A supermodel always combines clothes perfectly. Successfully combining sports sweatshirts with classic skinny trousers and high-heeled high-heeled boots, the star sets an excellent example for all fashionistas.

Jennifer Lopez

A stunning woman sometimes allows herself to look less luxurious than usual. A sweatshirt and tight athletic leggings combined with sneakers are a frequent casual star outfit.

Kendall jenner

The model prefers to make a note of everyday life in all her images. She puts on hoodies for classic trench coats and jackets, combining them with boots and high-heeled shoes, as well as trousers.

Gigi Hadid

The girl favors sports style in everyday life. Voluminous sports hoodies, jackets, leather jackets, sweatpants and high boots are what she needs for every day.

Kanye west

Famous fashion designer and designer, as well as spouse Kim Kardashian prefers to dress in a sporty style. In his wardrobe, a huge number of hoodies, hoodies, bombs and other voluminous sweaters. They go well with loose fit trousers, shorts and other attributes of street culture.

The weekend

The famous singer chooses volumetric hoodies for a casual look in combination with a sports cut in pants and sneakers. Stylish and comfortable!

Kobe Bryant

A basketball player does not change sports style in everyday life. He prefers to wear sweatshirts with shorts, loose fit trousers and sneakers. Athlete's favorite brand is RHUDE.

Charlotte Lebon

A fashion model and actress from Canada creates wonderful combinations of a classic look with elements of a sport style. For example, she can easily combine a long plaid floor coat with regular jeans and a sweatshirt. And complement it all with high-heeled shoes.

As you can see from the stellar images, you can combine the incongruous and look stylish at the same time . Sports sweatshirts can help create an attractive casual set. This is a convenient and comfortable part of the wardrobe, suitable for almost any city look.