Stars that are dishonored due to uncomfortable outfits

Suits and dresses that the stars put on at the receptions and fashion shows are not always comfortable. Do not forget that celebrities are also people, and nothing human is alien to them. The same applies to minor troubles associated with outfits. Either the bodice is too small, the dress is too long that prevents walking, the strong wind has begun, and the dress is swinging open. Confusion can be a great many.

Unlike ordinary people, celebrities are always in the spotlight. The cameras are always aimed at them, and any awkward situation immediately gets into the frame, and then is discussed by the masses of fans. Public people after each unsuccessful exit are subjected to heated discussion and criticism.

Disgraced stars due to outfit

The choice of attire is rarely associated with practicality and comfort. The main thing here is to look spectacular, to impress fans with its original appearance. Not all celebrities think about the fact that they will need to not only stand and pose in front of the cameras, but also move, climb the stairs, bend over. Here are a few famous personalities who are disgraced due to an unsuccessful choice of attire.

Emma Watson

At the premiere of the movie “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”, the star showed everyone her underwear, trying to just lift her dress. Of course, all this was immediately noticed, and discussed.

Sofia Vergara

At the 2012 Emmy Awards, a celebrity wore too tight a dress. As a result, it parted along the seam behind. I had to sew up a gap right on the stage. Of course, if the model were at least a size larger, such an embarrassment would not have happened. But what has been done is done.

Jennifer Lawrence

The leader in awkward situations at events. Her ascent began in a new quality since 2013 at the Oscars. A long white dress caused the star to fall. A year later, the star dressed in a red dress, but stumbled and fell. Well, at the SAG Awards, she simply accidentally tore the dress in two.

Vera Brezhneva

A star appeared at the Muz - TV 2010 channel awards in a too short outfit. This was the occasion of a heated discussion of the singer's outfit. This is not the only unsuccessful outfit of the singer. After the appearance of a celebrity in a bright green dress on the floor, the singer's subscribers called her the Princess - a frog. There were doubts about her sense of style.

Zaina Dridi

The Italian actress put on a dress that, with a strong gust of wind, put the owner in an awkward position. It developed so much in the wind that everyone could admire its charms. It was difficult to keep the dress, so the pictures turned out to be very frank.

Bella Hadid

Unsuccessfully chose an outfit for the Cannes Film Festival star. The scarlet dress was hard to keep, but the actress managed. Cameras photographed her from all angles, which became the occasion for general discussion. Her vestments almost completely revealed a part of the body on one side below the waist.

Anastasia Volochkova

Candid outfits of the Russian ballerina will never cease to shock the audience. At all major and important events, the body diva puts on a dress with an incredibly deep neckline. Celebrities are no longer accustomed to listening to criticism and unflattering reviews about their appearance.

Taylor Swift

A stylish and successful singer always tries to look perfect. But, she sometimes has punctures. At one of her own performances, her stage dress was blown up by fans, exposing all parts of the body that were not intended for general viewing.

Alla Pugacheva

The queen of the Russian stage also fell into an awkward situation due to the incorrectly chosen outfit. But, he could become quite successful if she put on a bra. So, if you do not want to get into the same situation - always wear underwear.


The singer very often gets into embarrassing situations during the performance. Then she dresses up, and everyone admires her lovely beige knickers, then she accidentally falls from the stairs or during a dance, and the fan, chewing on the singer’s hair, almost left her bald.

Of course, this is not the whole list of stars that are disgraced because of the outfit. Many celebrities like to specially shock the audience with revealing outfits and dresses to attract even more attention to their person.

A public person is always under the scrutiny of cameras and photo lenses. The slightest awkward situation, and you are already in the center of attention and heated discussion. It is important for stars that their outfits shock and surprise fans. Therefore, they try to wear exclusive and original models for every important event that have nothing to do with convenience. Therefore, the stars fall, they inadvertently expose their breasts, or seams move apart.