Star pajamas or what do the stars sleep in

Celebrities are very responsible for the wardrobe, believing that the clothes reflect the status of a person. However, for ordinary people, the clothes that only the stars themselves see are much more interesting.

An ordinary person does not particularly care about what clothes to use for sleep. And the stars, on the contrary, take this as strictly as possible. If a comfortable and cozy rest is important for some, then others make sure that they always look good, even if they sleep, and no one sees them.

What clothes do the stars choose for sleep?

The greatest interest among fans is the question: “What are the idols sleeping in?”. Such information is hidden from the public, however, some Russian celebrities still shared personal information in their interviews.

Daria Subbotina

Well-known TV presenter Daria Subbotina prefers to wear loose and light clothes. But it all depends on where it is located. For example, if in Moscow or on the island of Bali, during a vacation, then Daria prefers to wear silk nightie in light shades.

Reference! Most of all she likes blue products. Despite his mature age, this decision emphasizes the energy and cheerfulness of the girl.

Vlad Topalov

The famous singer, and the former lead singer of the Smash band, Vlad Topalov, turned out to be completely relaxed, and in his interviews admitted that he prefers to sleep in big family shorts knee-deep. The singer also focused on their size, saying that they are really huge: “It’s more convenient for me, ” the singer canceled.

Reference! Visually, the singer’s favorite panties also look non-standard - blue with white polka dots. Such a taste of Vlad, most likely, suggests that he is a family and home person.

Alexandra Savelyeva

The former performer of the Factory group, and today the famous singer Alexandra Savelyeva, loves to relax in several clothing options. Most often, your favorite option is a shirt and shorts. But sometimes the singer alternates her options, and can wear pajamas or a lace shirt.

According to Alexandra, the main thing for her to feel during sleep is comfort and lightness, in which the body should recover as quickly as possible. The singer selects colors light, with soft shades - blue, yellow, green.

Victoria Dayneko

The famous singer of Ukrainian descent - Victoria Daineko, could not surprise others, and admitted that she prefers to sleep in underwear, like most other women. Wearing Victoria loves bright and austere outfits - for example, burning red. This taste emphasizes the passion and sharp character of the singer.

Julianna Karaulova

If the interview with Victoria Daineko did not surprise anyone, then the words of the singer Julianna Karaulova surprised many and made them blush. The girl admitted that most often she sleeps completely naked, without underwear. However, sometimes she can still put on her home nightie, and then if she finds it cold at home. By the way, Julianna lives with her boyfriend Andrei Chernykh - a former producer of the singer.

Reference! Despite the frankness of the girl, her nightie looks pretty childish, as it combines soft pink tones. On the chest of the product is a crescent moon surrounded by stars.

Alexandra Popova

Another soloist of the Factory group, Alexandra Popova, dressing style is very similar to her bandmate Alexandra Savelyeva. The girl loves to use a pink nightgown, with thin shoulder straps. But sometimes the singer can wear a regular white T-shirt, which is very similar to men's. This type of clothing emphasizes the sincerity and openness of Alexandra.

Artyom Korolev

TV presenter Artem Korolev sharply reacted against wearing shirts, pajamas and other items for a night's rest. According to him, he always rests only in his underpants. The taste of the TV presenter can be attributed to carelessness and special unpretentiousness.

Alexander Berdnikov

The current member of the “Roots” group - Alexander Berdnikov jokingly told reporters that he prefers to relax in a coat. That's exactly what the artist asked for during the interview he was drawn in this form. However, later Alexander explained that most of all he likes to sleep in ordinary shorts.

Isa Vagapova

The famous Russian designer - Aiza Vagarova said that she has two favorite things in which she rests. The first of them is a small red topic, with the image of a zipper on the chest.

Well, the second option is a yellow tracksuit with an image of a heart.

Dima Bilan

The famous singer Dima Bilan once again emphasized his cheerfulness and positive attitude. During the interview, he admitted that he often likes to change clothes for sleeping. There are many such options - it can be pajamas, underpants, shorts or t-shirts.