Split leather - what kind of bag material

A handbag is considered an indispensable item in a woman’s wardrobe. Their fabric should be strong enough and strong, and also easy to care for.

All kinds of materials are used to create the accessory: natural and synthetic.

One of the most popular in the manufacture of consumable bags is steel cloth.

Features of split materials

Split cloth - this is not leatherette! They are made from natural skins, so they are referred to as leather . They are an excellent raw material for haberdashery products.

What is split

When dressing animal skins, several leather layers are obtained at once. One of them is split panels. They appear as a result of processing and dividing the skin into layers, as well as removing the surface ball.

The thickness of the skins in animals is different. The number of layers obtained by grinding depends on specific parameters. The number varies from three to six pieces. These balls differ in their properties and the ultimate purpose of use.

Layers are divided as follows:

  • facial;
  • average;
  • Mezdrovy (it is also called bakhtarmyany).

From the first make leather of the highest quality . It has a natural pattern.

The second (this is the split part) also goes to the skin . But it is already lower in quality. For strength, an adhesive coating is applied to the layer. Another piece of velor split is produced from this part. They make shoes, mittens and clothes for workers.

The third layer is designed to produce technical substances of collagen products. For example , such as gelatin, glue and others.

Manufacturing process

Natural split is obtained from cattle. In order to make high-quality leather bags, apply the skin of calves.

The skin of different animals, like layers, has a variety of properties. Cow and bovine hide material is one of the best. It is odorless, durable and beautiful on the outside.

Visually, you can immediately note the similarity of the split with suede or velor. Having processed it with chemicals, the material will be difficult to distinguish from real skin. Since this is an inexpensive material, it is used in the manufacture of bags and shoes of the "economy" class.

Production technology

  • After the skin was removed from the animal and blown out, a rather dense layer of several millimeters is obtained. In its natural form, such a thick hide is not used for making bags. It is very difficult or impossible to make an object from such a wide layer (4-5 mm). Therefore, the following steps are taken.
  • First, the skin is divided into two layers . After dividing, bags cannot be made, because the material is still considered raw.
  • The next step will be to impregnate it with a thin polymer layer to create a protective film. It protects against pollution, wear and damage. In this form, it is very easy to care for products. You can wipe the white bag with a damp cloth and the surface will become clean. Another advantage of the polymer coating is the decoration of the material.

Important ! A well-made bag will have just a chic look.

  • Further, manufacturers remove surface imperfections (scratches, creases, etc.) by grinding and embossing. The first way is to press the skin through a heated steel plate, and this helps to smooth the material. The second - brand logos, etc., are pressed into the upper part.

If the split is polished, it will turn out identical to the outside. However, the porous structure will be absent. Using a press reduces strength. The thickness of the layer on the skin is different everywhere because of the uneven skin of the animal. Therefore, it is often necessary to glue the split to withstand the standard parameters of the raw material.

Advantages and disadvantages of split

Compared with artificial leather, the middle layer of the animal's skin is more reliable and better.


  • The cost of the material is much cheaper than leather.
  • Wear resistance is higher than that of artificial material.
  • Very easy to process, when polished, it becomes similar to the front side.


  • Natural material has good water resistance. In split leather, this symptom is absent due to violation of the surface with a sharp knife equipment. Therefore, it is not necessary to sew outerwear and shoes from it, such products will get wet or will not withstand rainfall and will spread.
  • Outwardly, it does not look very attractive .
  • Split leather is a non-breathing material. Only the upper ball of the skin of the animal has porosity.
  • From a hot press, strength is reduced.

Given the advantages and disadvantages, experts consider this material one of the most suitable for the manufacture of bags.