Socks under moccasins. Who wears that?

Moccasins have come a long way from North American Indians to American fashionistas, and then entrenched with Italian drivers. For some time, interest in them faded, but already from the 70s of the last century, moccasins have become a favorite type of shoe for men, women and children.

The history of shoes and their classic appearance

The Indians such shoes were made from rawhide. They were very soft, silent and had virtually no reinforcement on the sole. The Indians were on hand in the hunt, and modern people did not appreciate such sensitivity to every pebble.

American Philip Miller in the 40s released a collection of moccasins that reflect the traditions of the Indians. They were made of soft leather and decorated with fringe. Miller reinforced the sole and made this shoe comfortable for everyday wear.

Moccasins came to Europe in 1963 thanks to Gianni Mostile. He released men's loafers that had a rubberized sole with bumps. This type of shoe began to be popular among Italian drivers due to the convenient grip of shoes and car pedals. After that, moccasins were considered automobile shoes for a long time, but by the 2000s, more and more popular people began to appear in them outside their cars.

Modern moccasins are sewn from soft leather with thick rubber soles. They lack fasteners, zippers and lacing. As a decor, use a fringe or decorative lacing. The sole is traditionally flat, but there are models with corrugated or with a small stable heel.

What moccasins go with and what not

Moccasins are casual shoes in the summer or spring season . They will suit any everyday look. A gross mistake is to shoe them under a business suit, sweatpants or together with outerwear.

These shoes mean relaxation and informality. It is recommended that men combine loafers with linen trousers, shorts, chinos, and wear blazers, polos, or T-shirts on top. Men can combine bright models in the image with trousers and a jacket. But provided that the whole image is slightly relaxed - it is better to choose a jacket for these cases in contrast to trousers, and supplement the bright color of shoes with a t-shirt.

Moccasins will suit girls with tennis dresses, light chiffon skirts, loose shorts with tucks or cropped culottes.

Both men and women should not buy black models. This shoe has an interesting history and in black absolutely loses its charm. If you do not risk buying bright models, it is better to stay in beige, brown or gray tones. Moccasins look stylish in which 2-3 natural colors are combined.

With or without socks

The Indians themselves could not even think to put on moccasins with socks . They invented them for hunting in the warm season, and an additional layer of clothing was not required.

Moccasins are now summer shoes, so they don’t need socks. Some men or girls explain their reluctance to part with hosiery hygiene.

So that there is no unpleasant odor, you do not sweat and do not rub your feet, it is enough to reconsider your choice. It is better to buy moccasins from genuine leather. Since this shoe is used in summer, the legs sweat harder and the artificial leather cannot provide sufficient air circulation.

The sole is also important . It should be soft, with a slight perforation of leather or other natural materials.

In extreme cases, special sprays and deodorants for the feet are sold in stores. They reduce the smell and sweating of the legs. But sometimes this problem is easier to solve by going to the doctor.

Moccasins can be worn with socks in the following cases:

  • Short footsteps that are not visible beyond the upper border of the shoe. This option is suitable for those who are not ready to give up socks.
  • Knee-high socks or socks. But in color, they should be as close as possible to skin color. You can wear kapron socks only under trousers and provided that even in a sitting position the border between the skin and socks will not be visible.
  • When creating a shocking image. Bright women of fashion and fashionistas often violate other rules of etiquette in clothes, combine textures, colors and wardrobe items. Such images are not suitable for going to work, but if you want to surprise the public in an unusual way, then why not.

The popularity of moccasins does not surprise anyone. These are soft and comfortable shoes for walking and meeting friends. But stylists do not recommend using this type of shoe as the main one in the wardrobe.