Socks on a knitting machine

Knitted warm clothes are simply indispensable in the cold season. However, not all craftswomen have the time and patience to knit with their own hands. Knitting machines come to the rescue. For example, making socks on a special device can be much more effective than manually.

Features of working with a knitted machine

Many craftswomen are unreasonably afraid to work on a knitting device. However, having learned and knit your first product, you can hardly refuse technology. Consider the features of this device:

  • To start, the machine should be properly assembled according to the instructions. Pay attention to whether the front fortune is evenly raised. If it is not fully lifted, the machine may loop.
  • It is necessary to periodically check the settings of the machine. For example, the clearance lever should be at the top until it stops.
  • You need to knit the entire width of the needle bar.
  • The machine must be periodically cleaned from dust and debris, as well as lubricated with special oil.
  • Leaving the unfinished canvas, it is necessary to remove the loads on the machine so that they do not delay the product.

REFERENCE! Machine knitting requires a certain concentration and attention. Every process needs to be tracked.

What threads are suitable for a knitting machine

For the mechanism to last as long as possible, it is necessary to purchase threads on bobbins. It should be wound evenly, without seals or holes. Thus, the load on the device is reduced. The thickness of the material can be selected independently. Thick and soft threads can be knitted through a single needle or using the weaving technique.

You should take smooth yarn with less hairiness, at least 30%. This will allow you to quickly steame the canvas, and the carriage will be less dirty. Significantly complicates the process of knitting yarn boucle or with uneven thickness of the thread. It is also not recommended to take threads with a high content of angora, since most of it will settle on the carriage brushes, and not in the product.

REFERENCE! On the machine, you can knit products with Lurex, provided that it is inside the yarn, and not on its surface.

How to knit socks on a knitting machine

There are a couple of basic knitting options. One of the simplest is the method using two fonts. To begin with, you should measure the leg circumference and make a test sample measuring 5x5 cm. This is necessary in order to understand the density of the knit.

Socks on a seamless knit machine

In order to make spectacular socks, follow a certain sequence of actions:

  1. To begin, we gain the number of loops that will be required to make an eraser.
  2. We direct the loops to the back texture, and move the other to the bottom. The main carriage is left for the back texture and a small piece of canvas is knitted.
  3. Start to make a heel by dividing the loops in half. Part of the needles is set to position D. From the side of the carriage, they should be on parameter B.
  4. Next, the carriage is brought into a state of incomplete knitting and the knitting process is started. If the item is designed for the right leg, then it is led from right to left and, conversely, for the left leg.
  5. At the end of each finished rad it is necessary to pass the yarn under the extreme needle, and then between the first and second needle.
  6. Next, divide the number of loops for knitting the heel into three parts. Next, remove the needles of the extreme parts on the side opposite from the carriage (parameter D). In the center there are 10 needles left.
  7. Then return the extended needles to position B and repeat this maneuver until all items return to their original state.
  8. When the heel is tied, move the lever to the second position and tie all the loops to the end.
  9. The cape fits in exactly the same sequence as the heel.
  10. Next, you should discard the resulting fabric from the device and sew a small section of the side cut, as well as the upper part and the cape, with sewn seams.

ATTENTION! Most modern mechanisms are dual-circuit. Their main feature is that they can knit elastic with an automatic method.

How to make socks on a single knitting machine

This method has the main advantage that when knitting it is possible to introduce an additional, denser thread, so that the product is more wear-resistant. Consider the process in more detail:

  1. First, we gain the number of loops equal to the circumference of the foot and multiplied by the density of the knit.
  2. We knit the necessary size of the eraser and distribute the canvas into two parts. One of the parts is sent to the waste thread.
  3. From the rest of the heel. To do this, put forward in the forward inoperative state of one needle on the back of the carriage. In order to avoid marriage, it is necessary to entangle the needles.
  4. We remove them until a third of the width of the part remains. Delete data on the screen.
  5. Next, return to work on 1 needle. The heel is connected.
  6. Find the number of rows on the counter and multiply it by two. Subtract the resulting value from the total number of rows. Zero the reader of information and do the calculated number of rows.
  7. Next, prepare the broaches between the edge knots on the last needle. Each movement of the carriage makes one pull.
  8. Then we direct the knitting to the junk thread and lightly stripped before bonding.

Knitting on a special machine is an interesting process. Of course, it is necessary to stock up on patience and time in order to learn how to use this mechanism. However, the result of the work will please. In the future, you can make a lot of different products in a short period of time.