Sneakers and other fashion models for the summer of 2019

Stylish comfortable shoes have long been the property of not only athletes. She is preferred and loved also by the most inveterate fashionistas in the world. They choose sports shoes both in the summer season and in the cool off-season. Considering a universal and democratic wardrobe item, such products are in favorites among the stronger sex, and among beautiful ladies.

Fashionable models of summer 2019

Want to not only feel comfortable, but also look fashionable in sneakers? Do you know which are the most relevant this season? We tell!


White casual sneakers with flat shoes remain classics for all time. They combine with almost all things .

They can be plain or complemented by small contrasting color inserts. They do not require a special approach to choosing clothes to create a balanced fashionable look.


Monochrome sneakers have become trendy this year . They have a smooth top made of elastic knitwear, often imitating elastic at the ankle.

Help In the design environment, such a model is also called "snokers", "high-tech".

An interesting form, unusual design, comfort, combined with simplicity and conciseness made them incredibly popular among women, and certainly will not leave any of them unnoticed, emphasizing the excellent taste of the owner.

On the platform

Platform sneakers and sneakers are popular, the progenitors of which are loafers with thick soles from the 80s. Are a lifesaver for girls of short stature. Many of them give preference only to this comfortable shoe and replace it with high heel shoes.

Designed for everyday wear, but not for sports.

Attention! Try to choose not too massive sneakers if you are below average height and light weight. Otherwise, they will be disharmonious with your fragile parameters.

Wedge heels

An elegant wedge heel is a sign of a glamorous outfit that does not burden the silhouette of petite girls.

This type of base, combining a heel and a sole, has long been used in women's shoes, boots, and sandals. And now he has become a source of creative ideas for designers and part of the models that received the term “sneakers”.


This sports shoes, bearing the name of the American company manufacturing them. They are high or low shoes with laces made of natural breathable materials.

Lightweight, comfortable, with rubber corrugated sole and anatomical insole, give smoothness and comfort when walking.

Signs of the most fashionable sneakers

  • In their production, ethnic themes, bright exoticism, animalistic and geometric prints, and tai-dai are most often used .

  • As for the palette, it is worth giving preference to metallic shades, neon colors, beige, white, dusted pink .
  • They can be decorated with guipure, embroidery, wide satin ribbons instead of laces, glitter, voluminous stones, and rhinestones.

  • A massive sole, reinforced toe, acid colors make these shoes the main emphasis in the image.

Important! In the summer season, black and dark brown colors will look rather inappropriate. The effect will produce an expressive, juicy, fresh gamma. Expression - this is what should prevail in the summer onion.

With proper use and care recommended by the manufacturer, your favorite shoes will last a long time and will please you for more than one year.