Smart PUMA sneakers with automatic lacing

Interested in high technology? Do you dream of becoming the owner of a “smart” wardrobe? Want to learn how to “charge” your sneakers for the night? We will talk about this later.

PUMA Smart Sneakers Presentation

High-tech is the “hobby” of many famous brands. Shoes are no exception. I am sure that in the near future its recharging will become something ordinary for us.

Many were convinced of this at the presentation of sports shoes of the well-known company PUMA with the function of automatic lacing.

The engineering developments of this company in the field of anatomy and sports dynamics using innovations have been known for a long time. The result was the birth of Fit Intelligence . Currently, consumers from 11 countries are invited to conduct pre-sale testing of the latest development. This test is not yet available to Russians.

What do they look like?

In contrast to AutoDisc introduced two years ago, the brand new black shoes. The lacing mechanism is indicated by a plastic cover with a sensor integrated in the “tongue”. It is enough to draw a finger from the toe to the lower leg, and the lacing is immediately tightened.

The cable system is hidden inside a rigid frame covered with "breathing" fabric. There are two ways to control the tension of the laces:

  • Touching the touch surface
  • through a smart application.

A few "buts"

There are still flaws in the bowels of the tested model. Among them:

  • rather noisy motor operation with not the most pleasant sound;
  • the synchronization of “weakening of the grip” or its strengthening has not been adjusted (although experts guarantee that in the future the sneakers will be able to independently determine the necessary compressive strength);
  • You can call these shoes “smart” with some stretch: there is neither GPS, nor other devices in the form of a pedometer, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, blood glucose meter.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like everything new, sneakers have their own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include:

  • Simplicity of adjustment of the degree of tightening : it is necessary to tighten - make one more movement with your hand in the same direction, you need to be weaker - swing in the opposite direction from the lower leg to the toe.
  • The actual weight of one boot is 428 g, which is almost imperceptible for a person (sneakers for basketball are much larger).
  • The built-in battery holds a charge from 5 to 7 days of fairly intense training, depending on the frequency of tightening and loosening of the lacing.
  • A significant reduction in the load on the spine for people with health restrictions, and not only. Feeling the slightest discomfort, anyone can immediately weaken or increase the tension of the laces directly from the watch, which, in addition, will relieve an uncomfortable pose.


  • no low battery alarm;
  • it is impossible to control the main parameters and the implementation of the training plan;
  • PUMATRAMS application so far only works on ios and watchos platforms and is not supported by android.

Where and when to buy?

Smart PUMA Fi sneakers are not yet on sale. Although the experimental samples are already ready, their serial production will be adjusted only by the beginning of 2020 . So you can count on a purchase only by the coming spring. The cost of this new product will be $ 330.

Progress does not stand still. Nowadays, smart shoes are no longer a fantasy, but a real necessity. Want to make your life comfortable and good health? Feel free to choose an electronic assistant who will help you out during sports training and on vacation.