Smart home is no longer surprising? What about smart clothes?

Today, clothes, in addition to its main purpose, can indicate status, emphasize the owner’s individuality, mood, character, etc. And with the development of science, things have the opportunity to improve and make life easier for a person. This makes clothes that change color under the influence of sunlight, lingerie that reacts to a change in heart rate, sneakers that count steps, and other new products. Say - fantastic, no, this is reality.

What clothes are called "smart"

The definition of “smart” was given to toilet items capable of interacting with the surrounding space. They accept, process information and trigger a backlash . Such suits are used in military, medical and other specialized fields . They monitor the state of the human body, respond to deviations.

In the media, in addition to them, clothing that serves as the basis for the placement of electronics also falls under this definition.

For example, a jacket with a solar battery built into its back.

Types and possibilities of smart clothes

Modern technologies have allowed to create products that perform various purposes.


This group includes things that are useful for tourists, hunters and other extreme sports. They can adapt to the environment, change the temperature, humidity, pressure inside the clothes.

Such a suit will save from fire, water, a hurricane, with the help of sensors it will transmit the coordinates of the location and even the SOS signal to the air . That is, he will do everything so that the owner survives in an extreme situation.


These clothes will support people with disabilities, people with disabilities, create comfortable conditions, make life easier.

It will take readings of the body's vital activity: pressure, pulse, blood sugar. And then he will transfer them to a medical facility and call a doctor if necessary.


The functionality of sports products is similar to medical ones. They track heart rate, respiration, and heart rate .

But there is a difference: such suits are convenient, comfortable, designed specifically for athletes.

Important! "Smart clothes" will be of interest to fashionistas. It will allow you to always be in the spotlight, provide comfortable conditions for outdoor activities, entertainment.

Replacement Gadgets

With their help, you can communicate on social networks, send, read SMS, pay for purchases without the usual smartphone.

In such clothes it is easy to keep abreast of the latest news, maintain a familiar rhythm, communicate with friends, and exchange information.

And this is only a small part of what smart clothes can do.

Smart things for your wardrobe

If desired, each of us can replenish our wardrobe with a modern novelty.


A jacket from Runmi Technology and Xiaomi will be good for a cold winter.

Outwardly, it cannot be distinguished from the usual one - the model is made of dense fabric, the filler is goose down.

In the area of ​​the lumbar and collar of the product are located heating elements, actuated at the touch of a button.

Powered by a rechargeable battery, a full charge of just over an hour. Warms up to minus 50 ° С in frost . The pros are obvious, but there are cons :

  • withstand no more than 10 washes;
  • only black color;
  • the price is about $ 350.


Another thing that will not let you freeze in cold weather, provided by Polar Seal. This is a turtleneck, which is also equipped with several heating zones and has three modes .

A comfortable temperature is set in 10 minutes and allows you to be in the cold for more than 6 hours.

The battery will recharge a regular power bank. The cost of delivery to Russia is approximately 23 thousand rubles.


  • MAURO TALIANI released shirts with shape memory. They are able to recover in half a minute, at a certain temperature the sleeves themselves roll up.

  • Kuchofuku took care of its customers in the heat. A fan is built into their shirt.

  • The office version from Arrow will allow you to exchange contacts with one touch , turn on the answering machine or launch your favorite melody on your smartphone .


Thanks to GPS sensors, smart shoes invented by businessman Sayo Isaac Daniel will always determine the position of the owner, and in case of danger they will give a distress signal .


In the sports industry, the leader in the use of smart clothes, there are many new products.

  • Sensoria offers sconces, T-shirts, T-shirts . Able to record heart rate, pressure during training, thereby adjusting the load. The readings are then transferred to the smartphone . Compatible with all known applications.
  • Or Nike sneakers for basketball players whose lacing power is controlled from a smartphone .
  • For skiers, they released a mask in which the Zeal Optics HD Camera action camera is integrated . Allows you to record high-quality videos right during the descent.
  • In winter, it is difficult to do without gloves . The Hi-Fun model will not only warm your hands, but also act as a Bluetooth headset.

So far, “smart clothes” includes no more than 1-2 functions. But a little time will pass, and the manufacturer will appreciate the new multifunctional developments.